Extension of carriage cleaning scheme to a further seven trains

Carriage Cleaning Image by Nila Newson (via Shutterstock).
A selection of Indian Railways carriages in Jodhpur.  Image by Nila Newson (via Shutterstock).

A wee while back (January 2016), we looked at carriage cleaning on the railways.  Six months later, we looked at the experience of the Indian Railways.  Or rather, why rubbish was dumped on the side of the tracks.  We also mentioned their On-Board Housekeeping Services (OBHS) scheme, which we have found is a success.

This week, we have learned about the extension of its carriage cleaning scheme to a further seven train services.  Twenty-five train services are covered by the scheme, including the Jodhpur Express and the Thiruvananthapuram Central Super AC Express.  Recent additions are as follows:

  • Thiruvananthapuram Central Express;
  • Tuticorin Express;
  • Brindavan Express;
  • Tirupathi Express;
  • Sapthagiri Express;
  • Nagarsoil Express;
  • Haldia Express.

This month’s additions affect services within the Chennai division of Southern Railway.  In case you have missed any of our previous posts on the subject, this enables passengers to say “I want my carriage cleaning”.  Passengers send a text message, a Tweet, or visit CleanMyCoach.com and state which carriage needs cleaning.  Carriages covered by the scheme have cleaners on board.

How Clean My Coach Works:

  • Passenger is sat or stood on the train: he or she isn’t too pleased at the state of their carriage;
  • Passenger sends a text message (to 58888 or 9200003232), tweet, or visits CleanMyCoach.com;
  • S/he types “CLEAN 1235432457 SERVICE TYPE CODE: C”;
  • Within a few moments, the carriage is cleaned.

There are six service type codes:

  • C: Cleaning;
  • W: Watering;
  • P: Pest control or disinfection;
  • B: Bedroll or fresh linen;
  • E: Electrics (train lighting and/or electricity);
  • R: Petty repairs.

Clean Hire, 04 April 2017.

A little look at Comac’s battery scrubber dryers, designed for numerous kinds of spaces

Vispa 35B
Behold the mighty Vispa 35B: the smallest battery scrubber dryer available for hire by Clean Hire.

Vispa 35B

The Vispa 35B is our smallest battery scrubber dryer.  It is the best one for these hard to get to spaces and alcoves.  It only has a 12V battery which is about as powerful as some household appliances.

Omnia 26B/32B

Next up in the size scale are the Omnia 26B and 32B scrubber dryers. They take a 36V battery with the two models powerful enough for intensive cleaning operations. These are the most powerful walk-behind Comac battery scrubber dryers we have for hire.

Innova 60B, 65B/M, 75B/M

The Innova 60B, 65B/M, and 74B/M battery scrubber dryers have a choice of manual and automatic options.  Comac’s entry level ride-on scrubber dryers are a good all-rounder for cleaning floor spaces up to 6,000 square metres.  They come with a 24V battery.

Flexy 75B/85B

The Flexy 75B and 85B scrubber dryers are suitable for intensive cleans on spaces up to 3,000 square metres, inside and outside.  They have a built-in headlight, taillights, and a reverse beeper to warn pedestrians of its presence.

Ultra 85B/85BS/100B

Finally in our little look at Comac’s battery scrubber dryers, we look at the Ultra 85B, 85BS, and 100B scrubber dryers.  They are the highest end machines we offer from the Comac brand.  They are best suited to medium and large areas up to 5,000 square metres, including warehouses and forecourts.

Clean Hire, 21 March 2017.

Scrubber sweeper company Tennant purchases Italian rival with help from private equity fund, Ambienta

A Tennant scrubber sweeper.
Expanding: Tennant Co’s portfolio.

Over the last month, our friends at Tennant Co., the multinational scrubber sweeper giant, have purchased its Italian rival, the IPC Group.  Its acquisition, valued at £287 million, will be funded by private equity partners, Ambienta.

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What not to flush down the toilet

Thou Shalt Not Flush Toilet... image by Ewais (via Shutterstock).

Thou Shalt Not Flush Thy Paper Towels, Ear Buds or Condoms… Public toilets image by Ewais (via Shutterstock).

You may have come across Water UK’s Poo, Pee and Paper campaign in the last two years.  If you thought the Poo, Pee and Paper campaign was a call to make the most of your public conveniences, think again.  It highlights the three things you should flush down the lavatory.  Which, in other words, concerns one’s bodily functions and toilet tissue. Continue reading “Thou Shalt Not Flush Down Thy Lavatory…”

Has a Truro doctor designed the world’s smallest bagless vacuum cleaner?

Smallest vacuum cleaner image

Could a Truro doctor be the first person in the Guinness Book of Records to hold the record for having the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner?  For many people, a vacuum cleaner is small enough to manoeuvre around the house.  Our industrial vacuum cleaners can be used in warehouses and on airport terminals.  According to the Plymouth Herald, Doctor Toby Bateson may have set a precedent.

A Dyson clone for a dolls house?

Toby’s cleaner is 2.8 cm tall, about the same size as an eraser.  Owing to its small size, you handle what is probably the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner in the same way as a rubber.  You hold onto the cylindrical cleaner with your fingertips and place it on the area you wish to clean.  This video clip shows you how it picks up dust.

For the time being, it has limited uses.  Mr. Bateson is seen using the vacuum cleaner to pick up sawdust.  It could be a good tool for picking up bits of pencil erasers.  There is potential for his design for add-ons.  A dainty little brush attachment and a slim extension hose could be good.  The accessory pack, if one was to be considered, would take up more room than its cylindrical section.

Instead of being a quirky desktop toy, there is potential for serious uses.  The world’s smallest vacuum cleaner could be used for blowing dust off electronic components.  As to whether Mr. Bateson has developed a Dyson clone for a dolls house, he is almost there.  Except, dolls houses tend to be the preserve of hobbyists with cash to burn rather than as a young child’s plaything.

Would we buy one?

Should Dr. Bateson’s miniature marvel hit the shelves, we think it could be a good stocking filler.  We hope he succeeds.

Clean Hire, 05 December 2016.

Some straightforward tips on getting the better of leaf fall season

Autumn leaves image by Moomusician (via Shutterstock).
Autumn leaves image by Moomusician (via Shutterstock).

To many of us, this is autumn.  In rail speak, autumn is known as The Leaf Fall Season.  We have all heard about the ‘leaves on the line’ comment for the best part of three decades.  From St. Helens Junction to Georgemas Junction, or Liverpool Lime Street to Birchwood and Selly Oak, it’s the bane of railways.  As a consequence, the leaf fall season has an effect on timetables. Continue reading “The Leaf Fall Season: Infographic”

Leicester City Council head supports ban on chewing gum in city centre

Spat Out Chewing Gum
Yuk: A spat out piece of chewing gum. Even worse on the pavement. Image by Sasha Gromov (via Shutterstock).

From St. Helens to St. Austell, there is one scourge of the streets that is more annoying than dog poop.  Worse than half eaten takeaways plonked on the floor. They are an absolute pain in the rear end, because the best of industrial vacuum cleaners can struggle with this material.  We are referring to chewing gum and bubble gum.

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A Six-Pack of Tennants (and other) Scrubber Sweepers on Video

We at Clean Hire are proud of the scrubber sweepers and similar appliances that are available for hire.  Sometimes, our photography doesn’t do them justice. They are best enjoyed in moving image form, hence this selection of clips.

Each of our clips featuring scrubber sweepers and the like include corporate videos.  We also have one clip where one of Stock, Aitken and Waterman’s productions can be heard in the background.  Ultimately, all of our carefully curated clips feature the machines in action (which is what we want to see anyway).

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Sheffield car parks cleaning contract won by Parking Services, the council’s in-house providers

Sheffield Millennium Square image by Shahid Khan (via Shutterstock).
Back in municipal control: Thirty-five of Sheffield’s car parks. Image of Sheffield Millennium Square and Town Hall by Shahid Khan (via Shutterstock).

Thirty-five of Sheffield’s car parks will be cleaned by the city council’s in-house providers.  Parking Services, part of Sheffield City Council’s Transport, Traffic and Parking Services division, regained the contract after a two-year absence.  In August 2014, services were contracted out to a private contractor due to staffing issues.  The public sector body lacked enough staff to provide a first rate service.

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A compendium of window cleaner centred mishaps

Window Cleaner Emoji image by Christos Georghiou (via Shutterstock).
Window Cleaner Emoji image by Christos Georghiou (via Shutterstock).

We have only just passed the halfway point of 2016, and this year is probably the most tumultuous in living memory.  Iconic singers have passed away.  There has been a lot of bad feeling on these shores and overseas. As for laughter, somewhat lacking.  Hence our latest post, which is entitled “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Window Cleaner.” Continue reading “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Window Cleaner”