Floor Scrubber Dryer Hire

Targeted Scrubber Dryer Hire Services for UK Clients

CleanHire is one of the leading suppliers of reliable floor scrubber dryer machines and clients can choose from a variety of options. Let us examine the benefits of utilising our scrubber dryer hire services as well as some of the bespoke options at your disposal.

Have you become concerned about the state of the floors throughout your business? If so, regular maintenance is key if you hope to avoid any unsightly blemishes that may reflect negatively upon your operations. Outsourcing cleaning solutions to third parties is one of the best ways to ensure a spotless floor at all times. This is why a growing number of business owners are choosing to use a professional floor scrubber hire firm.

How can you make an informed decision when choosing from the makes and models being offered? Let us examine some useful recommendations to keep in mind.

Vispa Scrubber Dryers
Vispa Scrubber Dryer Range
Antea Scrubber Dryers
Antea Scrubber Dryer Range
Versa Scrubber Dryers
Versa Scrubber Dryer Range
Omnia Pedestrian Floor Scrubbers
Omnia Scrubber Dryer Range
Innova Comfort Floor Scrubber
Innova Comfort Scrubber Dryer Range
C85 & C100 Ride On Scrubbers
C85 & C100 Scrubber Dryer Range
C130 Ride On Scrubber
C130 Scrubber Dryer

What To Consider When Choosing a Floor Scrubber

The size of the cleaning machine will play an important role, as some are intended to address larger areas than others. This is why two common configurations are offered:

  • Ride-on machines
  • Walk-behind models

Ride-on scrubber dryers are best if you are dealing with a massive area (such as a warehouse). Walk-behind units are generally preferred for smaller locations due to their tighter turning radius.

Floor scrubbers have been engineered to deal with a host of different types of debris. However, some are designed to address large particulate matter while others are solely utilised when cleaning up smaller materials (such as dirt or sawdust).

It is important that you examine the specifications associated with each unit in order to ensure that the correct one is chosen for the upcoming task.

Some machines are equipped with hoses and similar attachments (such as industrial vacuum cleaners).

These are excellent if you happen to be dealing with spots that standard cleaning heads cannot reach (such as corners or inside stairwells).

If this happens to be the case, it is wise to speak with a Cleanhire representative so that the correct make and model can be selected.

As always, one of our specialists will be more than happy to answer any other questions that you may have about an upcoming project. We are always standing by to provide bespoke floor cleaning solutions.

What Types of Floor Scrubber Units Can be Employed?

It should be obvious that different floor cleaning equipment is engineered to suit specific tasks. This is why our line of floor scrubber dryers can be broken down into three primary categories:

  • Pedestrian scrubber
  • Ride on Scrubbers
  • Walk behind scrubber

Smaller variants are ideal when dealing with tight spaces while their manoeuvrability allows them to negotiate tight turns.

Pedestrian scrubbers may likewise be suited for medium-to large-sized locations while ride-on cleaning equipment is generally ideal for bulk floor cleaning tasks (such as addressing the needs of warehouses, indoor sports centres and manufacturing facilities).

Of course, a representative from CleanHire will be happy to help you select the correct option.

Rentals, Long Term Hire and Leasing Options at a Glance

Not only can we supply the entire United Kingdom with highly competitive pricing packages, but our rental options are quite flexible. Whether referring to a short term hire or long-term tasks, we aim to please.

We are also pleased to offer backup floor cleaning equipment available 24 hours a day in the rare event that a fault is discovered.

On-site deliveries and even the provision of cleaning fluids are likewise some of the available options with our professional scrubber dryer hire packages. This is also included with our other range of cleaning machines including our floor sweepers and industrial vacuum cleaners.

The Benefits of Professional-Strength floor Scrubber Dryers

CleanHire takes a great deal of pride in our ability to supply customers throughout the United Kingdom with a reliable means to tackle even the most challenging of floor cleaning and maintenance tasks.

From the latest battery operated models to the possibility of procuring a powered ride that boasts cutting-edge scrubbing technology, we are indeed a cut about the rest.

When these traits are then combined with reliable delivery times and the presence of brand names such as Comac, it becomes clear to see why we have enjoyed such prominence over the years.

Would you like to learn more about the hire price associated with a specific model or are you curious about our rental contracts?

If so, please take a moment to contact one of our representatives directly. When it comes to cost-competitive versatility, CleanHire has your needs covered.

Scrubber Dryer FAQs

Hiring is normally the most economical option for dealing with one-off tasks. However, purchasing a refurbished unit can nonetheless represent a viable solution if the unit will be utilised on a daily basis. Cleanhire offers a host of options in either scenario.

You have a choice of configurations including:

  • Ride-on scrubbers
  • Walk-behind models
  • Pedestrian units

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of hiring options depending upon the length of time that the unit will be required. This is why it is wise to speak with a representative at Cleanhire.

In the rare event that a scrubber dryer encounters a problem, it is always wise to contact one of our technicians. We will be more than happy to sort out the problem within a timely fashion so that downtime will not impact your current floor cleaning project.

Sweepers are designed to address dry debris upon a floor such as dirt and dust. Scrubber dryers will instead use water alongside a powerful detergent in order to thoroughly clean a surface before drying the area within a single pass. This is why they are some of the most efficient models currently on the market.

There are various types of scrubber dryers available which are suited to different cleaning requirements. Floor scrubber dryers can carry out different jobs including: dry mopping floors, wash walls, washing porcelain tile flooring, remove scuff marks from hardwood floors – just to name a few. In addition to cleaning surfaces using hot water and detergents for grime removal, these machines save time by combining rinse cycles with large detergent injectors during spraying phases. Job descriptions for scrubber dryers vary by the type of floor treatment. Removing heavy dirt and debris including but not limited to tar, grease, paint or oil can require adding chemical scrubs or cleaning solution to the water before scrubbing with a high pressure rotary brush. When scrubbing vinyl floors, ammonia is often used as it helps neutralise chemicals previously used on the floors. Scrubber dryers are also responsible for removing stubborn bits that remain after long-term use such as gum or stickers.