CFM 3707

Nilfisk cleaning machine
CFM 3707

The CFM 3707 is a high-performance industrial vacuum cleaner which offers extreme manoeuvrability and versatility. The device is available in both a 5.5kW and 11kW power ratings, which are useful dependent on what you’re cleaning. Large, messy buildings may require the more powerful 11kW cleaner whereas a small hall may only require half the power to get it clean.

This industrial vacuum cleaner boasts a high capacity waste container, meaning that it won’t need emptying very often. The oversized waste container is also helpful, as this particular cleaner has a wide filter area, which is a massive 45 square metres, and has an airflow speed of 8,100 litres per minute. The depression is of 3,600 Decapascal, resulting in a strong suction.

You could say this vacuum cleaner sucks — in a good way!

The vacuum is a three phase cleaner, meaning it provides suction more efficiently, due to the configuration of the motor which operates the air pump.

While this vacuum cleaner packs a punch, it’s not all that loud. It has an average a volume of around 77dB, equivalent to the average volume of music within a specific room. While the levels might be irritating to some, in comparison it’s no louder than a lawnmower.

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ModelPhasesRated PowerDepression (daPa)Airflow (ltr/min)Main Filter Area (cm2)Sound Level dB(A)Dust Bag/Tank Cap (litre)Weight (kg)Dimensions H*W*L (cm)
CFM 3707