Viper Fang

Viper Fang 18C Scrubber Dryer

Simple Cleaning with the Viper Fang 18

When you need to hire a scrubber dryer for the comprehensive cleaning of varied surfaces, the Viper Fang 18 C is a practical choice. The machine is a walk-behind design with an optimal balance that makes cleaning easy. You can push the machine around different environments without worrying about manoeuvrability.

Besides being compact, it has large wheels that make moving it around uncomplicated. At Cleanhire, we only stock top-of-the-line machines that guarantee efficiency in your cleaning tasks. The 18C comes fully-equipped such that you can begin cleaning as soon as it arrives.

Engineering You Can Trust

The construction of the Viper Fang 18 C is one reason it is perfect for your cleaning requirements. It’s a straightforward design that doesn’t require you to spend time training an operator. An adjustable handle allows you to set it to your required needs.

Apart from its ease of use, the 18C doesn’t demand too much in maintenance. It’s service-friendly, so you save money while keeping the equipment in good shape. The heavy-duty aluminium squeegee offers you lengthy service.

Its 30-Kg high pad pressure, coupled with the high suction power provides excellent cleaning. The 18C is also easy to store.

When looking for a small but powerful machine, the 18C doesn’t disappoint. Get it at competitive rates from Cleanhire.

Model Vaccuum Motor Type Drive System Voltage (w) Noise Level (dB(a)) Productivity Rate (m2/h) Cleaning Width (mm) Solution/Recovery Tank (l) Squeedge Width (mm)
Fang 18C
pad/brush assist
220- 240