Viper Fang 32T

Viper has some of the top scrubber dryer models for heavy-duty cleaning requirements. The 32T traction scrubber dryer is one of the brand’s biggest and is, therefore, ideal for various industrial and commercial cleaning applications. You can hire the Viper Fang 32T scrubber dryer from Cleanhire and capitalise on the machine’s powerful performance without the stress of owning one outright. With this Viper scrubber dryer, you can expect thorough cleaning and long service. Despite its size, the machine is easy to use and manoeuvre. It also comes with a transaxle drive system and variable speed.

Clean Large and Dirty Spaces

The equipment’s big tank capacity is one reason it is suitable for cleaning large spaces like warehouses and factories. You can scrub a big surface area without having to refill the tank every few minutes. The long battery run time offers the same advantage. It has adjustable pad pressure that you can suit specific cleaning requirements. When cleaning extremely dirty surfaces, you can increase the pad pressure to achieve desirable results. Because the machine moves easily, it can reach all parts of a space without any trouble. Due to the power of the scrubber dryer, you don’t have to push it too hard to get the outcomes you want, which saves energy and time.

Convenient Hiring Options

Hiring the Viper Fang scrubber dryer is more practical for some users compared to buying a new one. If you only require the equipment for occasional cleaning needs, then a rental is more cost-efficient. You won’t have to shoulder the expenses of owning the machine yourself. At Cleanhire, all equipment undergoes extensive routine maintenance to guarantee that it is ready for use when you get it.

Hire the Viper Fang 32T scrubber dryer from us and enjoy highly competitive rates, fast delivery and professional service.

ModelVaccuum Motor TypeDrive SystemVoltage (w)Noise Level (dB(a))Productivity Rate (m2/h)Cleaning Width (mm)Solution/Recovery Tank (l)Squeedge Width (mm)
Fang 32T
Transaxle 370W