Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire

Here at Cleanhire, we give you the option to hire our range of industrial vacuum cleaners which include mobile systems provided as an electrical single or three phase motors, or compressed-air powered allowing safe usage in explosive atmospheres, or where hazardous materials are being used.

The reason behind this is that this sort of product is mainly used in big industrial warehouses where hazardous materials can be a problem for the floor cleaning machines. These are very powerful machines and are able to hoover big surfaces without a problem.

Our ranges of industrial vacuum cleaners for hire include both lightweight and heavy duty machines as well as cordless and bagless features.

CFM 137
CFM 3508W
CFM 3707
CFM 3907
VHS 120
VHC 200

An industrial vacuum cleaner is an indispensable addition to any large premises as it is essential to adhere to health and safety regulations. Cleanliness can help protect your workforce from accidents, and it gives a much better impression to prospective customers and visitors.

All our industrial hoover for hire are excellent at collecting loose particles of dust or debris to keep your floors clear and clean. If your premises contain hazardous dusts or are in an area with restrictions on the use of electricity, then we can also supply vacuums that can accommodate these requirements too, with many variations of containment sizes and capacity.

Industrial Hoovers We Hire

If you require a vacuum that picks up dust and other particles but may be called upon to clear up liquids as well, then we have the CFM137 vacuum that is also easily manoeuvrable as it runs on castors. Even more powerful is the CFM SOL 3000, which is extremely versatile as it is able to cope with solids, liquids, and even oils. Alternatively, in areas that prevent the use of electricity, this CFM A17 vacuum runs solely on compressed air; perfect for factories with chemical fumes or without wiring.

Alternative Services

Depending on your requirements, you may prefer to look at some of our other machines. We sell, hire, and service a huge number of alternatives, so we can accommodate a number of different needs. If you are looking for a cleaner for a smaller space, have a look at our scrubber dryers, or conversely if you require something larger, one of our scrubber sweepers may be of more use.

Whatever your needs for cleaning or clearing the floors of your premises, we have the industrial vacuum cleaners for your needs. Call us, CleanHire, on 01744 882332 today to see how we can help you.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner FAQs

One of the main differences involves the fact that single-phase units are more appropriate for intermittent use. Three-phase motors tend to be more economical. These can be more appropriate if the vacuum cleaner is intended to be used on a 24/7 basis (such as is often the case within production facilities).

While all of our industrial vacuum cleaners boast user-friendly controls, ride-on models are often ideally suited for larger spaces such as warehouses and commercial facilities. They require less manual effort and these models can tackle massive spaces within a relatively short period of time.

Filters will help to remove particulate matter from the air while protecting the sensitive components found within vacuum cleaners. Both HEPA and ULPA (Ultra-Low Particulate Air) filters can be chosen. Of course, this will also depend upon the intended application of the unit.

Certain environments may prohibit the use of electrically powered equipment. In such situations, it is possible to obtain models that are powered solely by compressed air. The good news is that Cleanhire offers a wide range of options to choose.

There are dozens of industrial vacuum cleaners which are suited for specific projects. This is why it is a good idea to speak with a Cleanhire representative. Please take a few moments to contact us directly in order to fully appreciate which unit is the most suited for your needs.