Viper Fang 20/20T Scrubber Dryer

Fang 20/20T

The FANG 20 is a medium-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer that comes with plenty of power. It has an ergonomically designed cabin laden with features, including visibility for operator comfort and accessibility for ease of use.

Its simple control panel controls the rotation at both speeds, which reduces labour costs by making it easy to operate. The FANG 20 can be fitted with either a variable or pad/brush drive system according to preference.

Similar to the other scrubber dryers we hire, our experts can provide you with further information. If you’re looking to hire this FANG 20, please call us on 01744 882332 or send us an email at Alternatively, submit an enquiry through the Contact Us page.

ModelVaccuum Motor TypeDrive SystemSystem Voltage (w)Noise Level (dB(a))Productivity Rate (m2/h)Cleaning Width(mm)Solution/Recovery Tank (l)Squeedge Width (mm)
Fang 20/20T
Transaxle 250W