CFM 3907

Nilfisk machine
CFM 3907

Nilfisk is a recognised brand in industrial cleaning equipment, and the CFM line is one of its popular selections. The CFM 3907 industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for heavy-duty conditions. It offers strength and power, a combination that every commercial and industrial cleaning application appreciates.

The vacuum cleaner can collect dust, powders and debris, which makes it suitable for a number of environments. Its high suction power guarantees that surfaces are dirt-free after cleaning. Get a CFM 3907 at Cleanhire and improve the standards of cleanliness in your company. The industrial vacuum cleaner is also an ideal investment if you offer professional cleaning services.

What You Get

The CFM 3907 is a three-phase vacuum cleaner that delivers good manoeuvrability due to its design. It contains two wheels that make it easy to navigate across the floor. The ease of use makes it ideal for large-scale cleaning projects.

You also get great airflow at 8100 L/min and consistent service with the CFM 3907. The large collection capacity that comes with the CFM 3907 industrial vacuum cleaner ensures that you can work for longer periods.

With minimal interruptions to empty the collection container, the machine enhances the productivity of the cleaning crew. It is the right equipment for constant use.

Equipment You Can Depend On

Industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for numerous settings, ranging from manufacturing plants to laboratory floors. The CFM 3907 has a wide filtering area that contributes to its exceptional performance.

You can buy the machine with absolute filters if necessary. Operators can install special filters if the vacuum will be used for hot substances or toxic dust.

The CFM 3907 industrial vacuum cleaner is the optimal solution when searching for durable equipment. You can use the three-phase vacuum cleaner in hazardous environments to removed dust and debris.

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ModelPhasesRated PowerDepression (daPa)Airflow (ltr/min)Main Filter Area (cm2)Sound Level dB(A)Dust Bag/Tank Cap (litre)Weight (kg)Dimensions H*W*L (cm)
CFM 3907