Viper Scrubbers

Viper is one brand that delivers scrubber dryers of high standards to cater to diverse needs. Cleanhire stocks various models of Viper scrubber dryers that you can buy for your cleaning requirements. Restaurants, retail outlets and schools are some of the areas that would benefit from investing in a Viper scrubbing machine.

The Viper range of professional floor scrubbing cleaning machines are capable of cleaning almost any size of flooring. Regardless of whether it is a very small area (500m2), or a very large area (over 12,000m2), this range of cleaners will be useful to you.

Each cleaner is built for a slightly different purpose, so to avoid being disappointed with your chosen cleaner, you should check the specification if it. You can click on the individual viper floor scrubber dryer to find out more about the machine and the technical specifications available. If you’re still unsure which is right, you can get in touch with us and we’ll try and help you find the cleaner that meets your needs.

Viper Fang
AS 380/15
Fang 20/20T
Viper Fang 20HD Scrubber Dryer
Viper Fang 24T/26T/28T Scrubber Dryer
Viper Fang 32T Scrubber Dryer

Why Choose Viper Floor Scrubbers?

Viper floor scrubbers are ergonomic, which is a big selling point for any commercial or industrial cleaning machine. Given the large surface areas that cleaning teams have to work, it is critical for the equipment to be safe and friendly to operate. Backaches, injuries and premature exhaustion are some of the risks of using appliances that are not ergonomically designed.

Viper ensures that cleaners can work comfortably whether they are using ride-on or walk-behind scrubber dryers. Walk-behind scrubbers come in varying heights so that operators can get the most suitable ones to avoid bending too much when cleaning. Viper scrubber dryers are built with enhanced scrubbing power, which means that minimal pushing power is required.

Scrubbers for Different Applications

Do you need cleaning machines for your hardwood covered office floors, concrete factory floors or heavy traffic areas? You can find viper floors scrubbers tailored for different roles. Evaluate your cleaning requirements extensively before selecting equipment. For instance, the scrubbing power you need to clean a paved drive is not the same as you would use for marble floors. Viper has small, medium-sized and large cleaning equipment options.

Get Viper scrubber dryers that offer more accuracy and control when cleaning commercial and industrial spaces.