VHC 200

As an essential device in any industry, the VHC 200 is a compressed air vacuum that can be used where there’s no electricity or when it’s not allowed. The units are available with either 60-litre or 100-litre containers and come complete with accessories for different industries like painting and steelwork operations.

ModelPhasesRated PowerDepression (daPa)Airflow (ltr/min)Main Filter Area (cm2)Sound Level dB(A)Dust Bag/Tank Cap (litre)Weight (kg)Dimensions H*W*L (cm)
VHC 200

These industrial vacuums are durable, reliable workhorses designed to clean up any mess. They come with a manual shaker that makes cleaning the filter easy and keeps performance at its best. The drop down waste container system lets you easily release and empty out your vacuum cleaner anytime it gets full.

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