Machine Hire

Here at Cleanhire, we provide excellent industrial cleaning equipment hire service that is unmatched by our competitors. As opposed to the mediocre services provided by so-called “hire shops”,  we are able to provide you with a much higher quality of industrial cleaning equipment hire service, incorporating our quality equipment, professional advice from our members of staff,  some of the most in-depth technical support you could ask for and 24 hour backup waiting on hand, should any fault make itself known during the hire length. All of this is offered at some of the most inexpensive and competitive rates.

Whether you are looking to rent floor scrubber dryers, floor polishers, floor sweepers or any other sort of floor cleaning equipment, we’ll be able to match the right machine for your floor cleaning needs. Our floor cleaning equipment comes with an intensively researched floor specification, perfect for floor cleansing and floor polishing.

We also hire out floor scrubber dryers that are capable of deep floor cleaning and floor polishers that provide you with the tools to bring flooring back up to scratch quickly, while also being kind on the environment.

Scrubber Dryers
Scrubber Dryer Hire
CS50 Floor Sweeper
Industrial Floor Sweeper Hire
Industrial Vacuum
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire

Whatever you require,  we have a very large selection of quality cleaning machines to choose from, such as; scrubber dryers, sweepers, rotaries such as buffers or polishers,  steam vacuum machines, industrial vacuums and ride-on cleaning machines.

On top of providing the best and most reliable equipment, we can deliver it on-site depending on the area of the site, we can even supply the cleaning chemicals and accessories if required and uplift the machinery when you are finished using it. This is all as part of the packages that we offer. Contact us to find out more!

4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Your business is a second home to your employees. Therefore, you should strive to keep the environment clean to create a safe and comfortable place of work. We know that cleaning a manufacturing industry is a daunting task that demands to hire a professional, and that’s why we are here for you. Our dedicated team of technicians has honed skills to transform your business appearance in hours. Using state of the art machines will make it stress-free to achieve spotless floors. Here are the benefits of industrial cleaning hire services.

Trained and Skilled Staff

We have a large pool of renowned and highly qualified technicians. Our employees are subjected to many hours of training to enable them handle your task quickly and safely. In addition, they have unmatched training in cleaning commercial spaces. Our employees are subjected to security vetting and background checks to ensure that we hire confident people who are capable of delivering desired results.

Tailor-Made Services

Our core mandate is to deliver services that exceed our client’s expectations. We put your needs at heart and design services that fit them. Also, we are flexible in such a way that we design a cleaning schedule that suits your business.

Quality Tools and Requirements

Our set of equipment features significant innovations and current trends in the realm of cleaning. We have invested our resources in finding unparalleled cleaning materials and equipment. We have a variety of specific tools for every cleaning job. Besides, we have equipment for drive away cleaning which delivers impeccable cleaning results.

We Deliver High Quality Results

We mind our reputation, and the best way to keep it clean is by transforming your business physically. You will be surprised after considering our industrial cleaning hire services for your business. We will leave a gleaming and appealing working environment. With our qualified technicians and reliable customer service, we will work on the look of your business when needed to.