Tennant 7400

This Tennant 7400 ride-on floor scrubber dryer is so easy to use with one-button operation, that training time is greatly reduced. The dual cylindrical brushes both sweep light debris and scrub effectively more than 8,500 m2 per hour.

The impact resistant side scrubbing brush enables you to clean along edges and scrub along walls easily. The 7400 makes easy work of industry’s most demanding cleaning environments.

Large machine performance and small machine maneuverability ensures the Tennant 7400 cleans even tight areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact Cleanhire if you require more information on the specifications of this product.


  • The high rpm of the brushes, brush pressure and vacuum in combination with working speed gives excellent performance
  • Cylindrical scrub system
  • ES (water recycling system)
  • Memorised, ergonomical one button scrubbing, power steering for excellent manoeuvrability and an automatic detergent dosing system
  • Side scrubhead


  • Excellent performance
  • Cylindrical brushes pick up occasional debris to eliminate the need for sweeping before scrubbing
  • Extends runtime and increases productivity for medium to heavy soilage
  •  For ease and comfort
  • Extends cleaning reach to 145cm


  • Warehousing & distribution facilities
  • Transport sector
  • Municipalities
  • Manufacturing & production facilities
  • Contract cleaning
  • Car parks