Heavy-duty Cleaning with The Tennant 7400 Combined Scrubber Sweeper

The advantage of having different types of cleaning equipment on the market is that you can find exactly what you require. For example, in commercial applications, you can choose from a number of models. The M20 scrubber sweeper and 7400 from Tennant are some of the units that you can hire from us. Each of these appliances is designed for maximum efficiency.

You can check out all the specifications of the machines on the product page. With the Tennant 7400, you get a high-performance unit that comes with high brush rpm, working speed and brush pressure.

Its cylindrical brushes collect occasional debris, which saves you the stress of sweeping before scrubbing. The machine is built to boost productivity in areas with medium to heavy soilage.


  • The high rpm of the brushes, brush pressure and vacuum in combination with working speed gives excellent performance
  • Cylindrical scrub system
  • ES (water recycling system)
  • Memorised, ergonomical one button scrubbing, power steering for excellent manoeuvrability and an automatic detergent dosing system
  • Side scrubhead


  • Excellent performance
  • Cylindrical brushes pick up occasional debris to eliminate the need for sweeping before scrubbing
  • Extends runtime and increases productivity for medium to heavy soilage
  •  For ease and comfort
  • Extends cleaning reach to 145cm


  • Warehousing & distribution facilities
  • Transport sector
  • Municipalities
  • Manufacturing & production facilities
  • Contract cleaning
  • Car parks

Where to Use Combined Scrubber Sweepers

Proper usage is necessary to get the most from a combined scrubber sweeper. These machines are made for high volume areas, hence their suitability in commercial cleaning needs. A combined unit includes a sweeper and scrubber sweeper, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The design of the machine reduces costs because you don’t have to use separate units for sweeping, scrubbing and drying. You can hire our 7400 Tennant scrubber sweeper for large spaces such as warehouses, schools, retail stores, food production facilities and showroom, among others. The large capacity tanks and high-speed brushes allow operators to cover big sections in less time.

Why Hire from Us

Renting a scrubber sweeper is practical because it eliminates upfront costs. You can only hire the appliance when necessary. Cleanhire should be your go-to for hiring scrubber dryers and sweepers because we have top-range machines. We carry only the best brands like Tennant to ensure that our clients benefit from quality cleaning equipment.

Each of our scrubbers undergoes regular servicing to keep it in optimal condition. For this reason, you won’t have to fret about the appliance breaking down during use. We have competitive prices that make hiking a sensible choice for your commercial cleaning.

Our customers also enjoy impressive delivery times. Additionally, you can get professional training for scrubber operators and ensure maximum productivity.

We offer UK-wide coverage, so contact us to hire a combined scrubber sweeper from anywhere.