Industrial Floor Sweeper Hire

Whether you’re in the market for an industrial floor sweeper to handle a large or small space, Clean Hire has got your back. With machines that can accommodate even massive spaces up to 30,000 square feet and still maintain their reliability standards no matter what job comes down the line at them!

Our Industrial floor sweepers are available for hire and we have a wide variety of them! Whether you need one to clean up your office or construction site, we will help find the right machine that matches your needs.

Comac CS50 Walk Behind Sweeper
Comac CS50 Walk Behind Sweeper
Comac CS60 Ride On Sweeper
Comac CS60 Ride On Sweeper
Comac CS80/90 Ride On Sweepers
Comac CS80/90 Ride On Sweepers
Comac CS80/90/110 Ride On Sweepers
Comac CS80/90/110 Ride On Sweepers

Ride On Floor Sweeper Hire Services

When it comes to tackling large areas with strict requirements, there are few units as appropriate as the ride-on sweeper. With precision control and a great efficiency level, these machines can make light work of even challenging jobs!

Cleanhire has partnered up with some of the most trustworthy brands in this business; when productivity is on your mind count on our ride on sweepers for an optimal solution without worry.

These machines work effortlessly to cover large areas and clean dust and debris from all types of surfaces. Floor sweepers are perfect for cleaning up carpets, hard floors and even uneven ground such as driveways or car parks!

Walk Behind Sweeper Hire Options

One of the primary advantages associated with our range of walk behind sweepers is that their configuration allows for a greater level of user control. This is why they will often be seen as warehouse sweepers or within shops, and similar areas which require precision as well as powerful cleaning options.

Suited for small- to medium-sized floors, these pedestrian sweepers are suited for any task. Our units can be controlled manually (pushed) or via a drive motor (self-engaging sweepers). Regardless of your requirements, the experts at Clean Hire are always here to help.

Quality Floor Cleaning Equipment for Reliable Results

If you’re looking for the best in industrial floor sweepers, we have a machine that can handle any task. Our machines are designed to withstand harsh conditions while also being safe and easy to use. We partner with various recognizable names in modern industry so no matter what your needs may be, our team is here to help!

Not only do our products stand up against tough work environments but they’re also made sure safety comes first by partnering with well-known brands from around the world who share similar values as ours; whether it’s ride-on or pedestrian models of floor sweeping machines or hiring one long term versus short term – we’ve got you covered either way!

Our floor sweeper hire service is targeted towards the needs of the individual client and a representative will be quite happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. Would you like to learn more or do you need to make a reservation?

If so, please contact Clean Hire at your convenience. Our team will be happy to help with your requirements, we are only a phone call or an email away. We provide fast and efficient delivery throughout the UK.

Floor Sweeper FAQs

Floor sweepers will use a series of brushes to remove debris such as dust and dirt. Scrubbers employ liquids such as water and detergents; ideal for dealing with stubborn materials and/or stains.

Be sure to remove relatively large pieces of debris such as metal shavings and wood splinters, as these may otherwise cause damage to the machine.

If you are dealing with a relatively limited amount of space, a pedestrian floor sweeper can often represent the best choice. Thanks to a smaller turning radius, these units can help you to address challenging areas such as the spaces between pallets and stairwell landings.

Although Cleanhire provides a host of industrial and commercial floor sweepers to rent, keep in mind that we also supply fully refurbished units. Purchasing a used model is often a wise decision if you will regularly be required to clean large floor areas. These will represent economical choices from a long-term perspective; ensuring that you enjoy a higher return on investment.