What is a Scrubber Dryer?

scrubber dryerScrubber dryers are essentially power mops to clean floors. These machines exert high contact pressure with the floor surface, to scrub and clean the floor. It vacuums up spills or grime, and rinses away the trace. While it may take hours of hard work to do the task manually, a power floor scrubber does the task in just a few seconds.

Main Component of a Scrubber Dryer

The standard scrubber dryer comes with a brush, a cleaner tank, and a dirty water tank. The cleaner tank may be detached and filled with cleaning solution. The dirty water tank, filled when the machine vacuums up the dirty cleaning solution from the floor, may likewise be detached and emptied. The brush may be either flat or cylindrical. Cleaning the machine is generally easy, and does not require any special tools. Heavy-duty machines may require periodic servicing.

Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Floor scrubber dryers come in many shapes, sizes, and models. Different models suit small, medium, and large areas. Walk-behind scrubber-dryers are characterised by their small size, and are the best option to clean areas of around 100 m². These models come with a long handle, making it very convenient and easy to push around. These dryers are typically deployed in supermarkets and other places with high people movement, to ensure sparkling cleanliness, at all times. Using walk-behind scrubbers is more economical, compared to wet wiping.

Ride-By Scrubbers

Stand-on or ride-by floor scrubber dryers are powered by a battery, with the operator riding or driving it around. These machines, even though costing more, improve the productivity of the cleaning staff manifold. Standard variants of ride-by scrubbers are best suited for schools, hospitals, retail shops, commercial offices, and other similar spaces. Construction sites, warehouses, agricultural areas, and other rugged or hot environments require heavy duty variants.

How to Select the Best Scrubber Dryer

The best scrubber model depends on the surface area to be cleaned, and the type of floor, as in tiled, vinyl, terrazzo, concrete, or anything else. Heavy-duty machines, although costing more, gets into tight and low spots very well, compared to lighter machines. The best method to clean especially dirty or tough spots is to pour out the cleaning solution and scrub for a few passes, and then activate the suction at the final pass. Heavy-duty scrubbers are especially useful for cleaning ceramic floor tiles in a thorough manner, to make explicit the quartz sparkles, which remain hidden under a layer of grime, under normal wet clean. Many models are versatile machines, working best with all types of floors, including uneven, smooth and hard floors. Changing a couple of parts, in some models, can even convert the machine to a professional carpet cleaning machine.


Regardless of the type of scrubber chosen, consider the ease of operations and the extent of maintenance required. The best option is to invest in a robust scrubber dryer from a reputed manufacturer, to ensure the machine lasts for a very long time, and does not require extensive maintenance.

Ever wondered how often tube trains are cleaned across the London Underground?

Tube train image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).
The Central line: where tube train seats are cleaned more often than their Jubilee line counterparts. Image by Julius Kielaitis (via Shutterstock).

Elsewhere on the blog, we have looked at how trains are cleaned in India, and how the London Underground is waging war on superbugs. Thanks to a Freedom of Information enquiry earlier this year, made by the London Evening Standard, they asked about the cleanliness of tube trains from Morden to Alperton.

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Why the Tennant Company has considered moving its Head Office to the Golden Valley manufacturing plant

The T5, one of Tennant Company’s best known industrial cleaners, available to hire from Cleanhire.

Regular readers of our blog, and longstanding Cleanhire customers, may have come across the Tennant Company’s range of industrial cleaners. The multinational company, which shares its name with the tenth Doctor Who, has considered moving its head offices. At present, the Tennant Company’s head offices is on 1111 Douglas Drive North, which is only a short distance from its manufacturing plant.

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Industrial cleaner in labour gives birth, wearing a Chewbacca the Wookie mask

Chewbacca the Wookie. Image by M. Mckinney Photography (via Shutterstock).
As worn by Aimee Smith in mask form: Chewbacca the Wookie. Image by M. Mckinney Photography (via Shutterstock).

From a maternity ward far far away, Barrow-in-Furness mother Aimee Smith (26), gave birth to her child in a way most unusual to many people. The industrial cleaner smuggled a Chewbacca the Wookie mask into the maternity ward. At Furness General Hospital, Aimee’s mask gave the midwives a laugh.

Mid way through her contractions, she mimicked the growling of the hairy character seen in The Return of the Jedi. With Albie planned as her third and last child, the industrial cleaner wanted to mark this event in style. Her sister-in-law suggested wearing the Chewbacca mask whilst in labour.

As well as having it captured for posterity by her boyfriend Michael Ogden, they have suggested saving a DVD copy for her newborn child. The aforementioned clip was posted on the Daily Mirror’s website.

May the Forceps Be With You

The late great John Sullivan of Only Fools and Horses fame would have appreciated a story along these lines. You would too. Last but not least, from Clean Hire, may The Fourth Be With You this summer.

Clean Hire, 04 July 2017.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan plans a blitz on superbugs on the London Underground

TfL's superbugs blitz image by Kiev.Victor.
Grime in the Tube Station at Midnight: TfL’s blitz on the superbugs will see a marked improvement in cleanliness across one of the world’s most extensive metro systems. Image by Kiev.Victor (via Shutterstock).

Millions of commuters enjoy or endure travelling on the London Underground to get around the capital. For many people, particularly in the peak hours, sardine-like conditions are the norm. This also means warm, stifling conditions, and commuters travelling amongst sweaty armpits. Apart from that, attractive conditions for bacteria. Superbugs even.

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As air fresheners are added to Washington Metro trains, should we be adding Shake ’n’ Vac to the 0745 from Southport?

Class 150 Sprinter DMU interior image by Peter Skuce (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Share Alike)

Before the smoking ban in 2007, many public transport concerns prohibited smoking on its trains, trams, and buses.  Apart from the fact it meant smelling of smoke on your commute, its dangers are well documented.  Smelly food can also be a bete noire for travellers.  With this possibility, Washington Metro have proposed a radical solution: air fresheners on trains. Continue reading “Should Air Fresheners Be Added To Trains?”

Why two Singapore cafeteria chains have introduced tray returning and floor cleaning robots

Robots image by Alejandro Linares Garcia (Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike)
“We are the robots…:” Already happening in Singapore, robots are being used to help to clean floors and form part of a lean coffee shop chain with very few human staff. Image by Alejandro Linares Garcia (Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike)

In the last 60 years, the cafeteria layout has usurped seated service in many cafés. For many, cafeterias mean trays, picking your own sandwiches or cakes, and filling your own teapots. A popular method in many superstore cafés, it allows for higher footfall, speedier service, smaller staffing numbers. In Singapore, two coffee shop chains have gone even further: robots instead of cleaners and waiters.

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Coupled with a Wi-Fi enabled Roomba vacuum cleaner, Amazon’s Alexa could change the way you clean your floor

Alexa Roomba Image
Take one Amazon Alexa powered Echo system, then a Wi-Fi enabled Roomba.  Then sit back and tell your Roomba to do the rest.  Images by Quality Stock Arts and George W. Bailey (via Shutterstock).

Vacuum cleaning can be a physically demanding task.  If you’re not battling with the flex, you’re trying to wrestle with the accessory brush on the stairs.  If you’re lucky, you might have a robotic vacuum cleaner which makes light work of your floor.  This month, a new type of Roomba vacuum cleaner has hit the shops in the USA.  They are Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with Amazon’s Alexa system, on the retail giant’s Echo devices.

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Numatic’s iconic Henry vacuum cleaner now has a cordless counterpart

Henry Vacuum Cleaner image by David Simmonds (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).
Now available in cordless forms: Numatic’s Henry vacuum cleaner. Image by David Simmonds (Creative Commons License: Some Rights Reserved – Share Alike).

Numatic’s Henry and Hetty cleaners are already an icon in most homes and offices.  Now, alongside rivals Dyson and Bosch, Numatic have introduced a cordless vacuum cleaner.  Yes, Henry has gone cordless.  We kid you not.

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Clean Hire are proud to announce their sponsorship of Thatto Heath Crusaders

Thatto Heath Crusaders shirt
It’s official: Clean Hire are the proud sponsors of Thatto Heath Crusaders

We at Clean Hire, as you may well know yourself are based on the outskirts of St. Helens. In our eyes, it is the centre of the Rugby League universe (sorry if we’ve offended anyone who think otherwise). It is the home of The Mighty Saints – St Helens of course – who have an enviable record in Super League. The secret behind their success is a number of local clubs in lower professional or amateur leagues. On our doorstep, Thatto Heath Crusaders is one of them.

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