It is human nature to wrongfully assume that the toilet is the grossest place in the office. Yet, there are many more items that likely carry more bacteria and germs at the workplace.

There are the everyday small items and areas that are germ-ridden and easier to clean. Then, there are vast spaces that would require industrial vacuum cleaners.

Accumulation of dust and debris on the floors can cause accidents and carry disease-causing germs that may be blown to you, making you ill.

At Cleanhire UK, you can hire one of these machines to give your office a thorough clean. What items are the most germ-ridden in the workplace?

  • Kitchen Sponge

Due to their absorbent and consistently wet nature, they are perfect germ breeding grounds.

Replace it every fortnight, place it somewhere it can drain, or microwave it for about 2 minutes at least once daily to kill most bacteria.

  • Coffee Dispensing Machine | Lifts | Copier | Printer Buttons

While you may look out of place pressing the lift button with your elbow instead of your finger, you will be safeguarding yourself from germs transfer. Buttons of all these mentioned gadgets are capable of hoarding over 1.2 billion germ colony forming units per square inch.

Rubbing your hands with an alcohol-based sanitiser immediately after or wiping the keys with antibacterial wipes before use will keep you safe from germ-caused ailments.

  • Telephone & Door Handles

Handled by many different people daily, they collect loads of germs (an average of 25,000) cross-contaminating from person to person. Frequently washing your hands with soap and water will keep your hands germ-free.

  • Keyboard & Mouse

Your computer keyboard harbours about 16 million microbes, including salmonella, norovirus (of the coronavirus lineage), E.Coli, and Staph, combined with the crumbs stuck between the keyboard keys. Frequently sanitise using antibacterial wipes.

  • Desk

Wiping your desk once weekly with antibacterial wipes can help eliminate the common cold microbes that may have settled there. These microbes remain active for up to 72 hours.

More dangerous viruses like MRSA last for over six months. Studies indicate that the office desk can harbour an excess of up to 400 times more bacteria compared to an average toilet seat.

Your desk is up to a hundred times less hygienic if compared to your kitchen tabletop.

Although it seems simple, proper handwashing remains the best way of eradicating germs and harmful bacteria from your hands. Besides keeping your environment fresh, clean and safe, it stops the spread of diseases.

There are a couple of ways of keeping your hands clean in commercial environments. The most common entails the use of proper alcohol-based sanitisers or soap and running water. You will take the simple act of handwashing seriously when you grasp its benefits. Below are the benefits of handwashing.

Prevent Spread of Diseases

If you work with a big team, there are high chances that employees will regularly get sick. Due to this, you have to encourage handwashing if you want to prevent people who are sick from spreading viruses, bacteria and germs to other individuals.

The health experts denote that handwashing is beneficial at preventing the spread of germs and lowering the risk of respiratory conditions. If you have a big industry, you have to install industrial cleaning machines to create a safer working environment.

Boost Productivity, Attendance and Success

Your company’s productivity will decline when staff are out of work due to sickness. Also, they don’t work at their best when unwell. Here is where encouraging frequent handwashing comes in handy as you can lower absenteeism and limit the wasted time. In fact, cleaning warehouse floors can help keep the employees well and showing up.

Prevents Common Eye Infections

In most cases, eye infections come from the bacteria that comes from your hands. So, it would be helpful if you avoid using your bare hands to rub your eyes. All in all, this is an act that occurs involuntarily.

As a result, you can manage the situation in another way. It would help if you thus washed your hands recurrently to prevent the common infections.

Proper Handwashing Boosts Your Overall Wellbeing

Individuals will virtually surround you. Some of these individuals may be coughing and sneezing around you. Should the bacteria land on your hands, they can get into the body if you fail to wash the hands properly. As a general rule, you need to wash your hands properly and dry them thoroughly.

In the end, you have to guarantee a healthy and safe workplace by partnering with Cleanhire.

Effective cleaning in an industrial building can help give an excellent impression to visitors and potential customers. Besides, it helps in protecting the workforce from accidents.

The industrial hoover can be perfect for collecting dust and loose particles to make your floors look clear, cleaner, and attractive.

In case there are hazardous specks of dust in your premises, and within an area where using electricity is restricted, the vacuum supply is available to accommodate such requirements, with different containment capacities and sizes.

There are many types of cleaning products, especially in big industrial buildings where floor cleaning machines cannot remove precarious materials. There are powerful machines for hoovering large surfaces easily.

Industrial vacuum cleanhire UK includes both heavyweight and lightweight machines as well as bag-less and cordless features.

Some of Industrial Cleanhire Machines

Floor Sweeper for Hire

This product will amaze you once you use it on the floor. Its design enables it to work perfectly in cleaning your floor. Besides, the latest product models with manual and motorised settings standard features are available for hire.

Scrubber Dryer for Hire

Cleanhire offers you the best scrubber dryers and in different varieties at a fair price. It is a handheld cleaning device that provides you with excellent scrubbing power.

Cleaning Industrial Vacuum Hire

Cleanhire offers you numerous Industrial Hoover Hire options, including the compatible single or three phases of electrical systems and mobile systems.

The Large-Combined Scrubber Sweeper

Cleanhire offers it as a huge combined machine with scrubber bristle power and an industrial sweeper. This machine is easily able to clean large spaces.

Components of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

Cleaning industrial floor machines has many features, including:

  • The ability to improve in safety and health conditions of your premises
  • Low insurance costs and property maintenance of your premises
  • The ability of on-site injury risks reduction

As discussed above, when looking for a machine, choose one that meets your requirements. You can use scrubber sweepers when cleaning a bigger space and scrubber dryers for smaller spaces.

Dirty floors in a supermarket can displease your clients and lead to health and safety complaints. Your customers get to expect clean floors every time they walk into your supermarket.The Best Floor Cleaning Machines for Supermarket Distribution Centres

It’s, therefore, important to make a good impression by professionally cleaning your floors.

You should choose either scrubbing or sweeping when assessing the best cleaning methods.

These mechanical methods can help you perfect your results and provide you with clean floors all around.

Scrubbers vs. Sweepers

The choice between these two options will vary depending on what you want to achieve in the supermarket.

A scrubber is the best solution when you need to remove dirt, grease and stains from the floor. The sweeper, on the other hand, is the best for gathering dry debris and dust.

Scrubber machines will use water and detergent to wash the floor and leave it squeaky clean. Sweepers use a cylindrical brush that helps remove debris and dirt.

Both of these options are available in small compact models that you can easily manoeuvre around the supermarket and large models that you can drive around.

Omnia Scrubber Dryer

The Omnia scrubber dryer range consists of walk-behind models with automatic traction. You can easily find the perfect model because of the different sizes.

If you are looking to hire a scrubber dryer, you should consider the Omnia range because there are lots of accessories for one to use.

Some of these accessories will include squeegee rubbers and tynex brushes. The Omnia scrubber has a strong structure and its 36-volt components can handle demanding surfaces over long cleaning sessions.

Comac Innova Comfort Scrubber

The Comac Innova Comfort range provides you with stress-free cleaning solutions. You can hire these scrubbers from Cleanhire UK and satiate the wide range of commercial cleaning requirements.

These scrubbers can run for hours non-stop while providing the user with the best comfort. The scrubber has some luxurious seats, a reclined steering wheel and armrests.

The scrubber is perfect for your supermarket because it can handle high traffic settings. It has impressive power, energy optimisation and noise reduction feature to make it the best solution for busy environments.

The cleaning industry is inclusive of all enterprises that offer restoration and cleaning facilities to either residential or commercial markets.How Big is the Cleaning Industry in 2021

The most popular services are cleaning the office and home interior spaces, upholstery, carpets, and windows.

In the United Kingdom, the cleaning industry is massive, making a significant contribution to its economy.

The cleaning industry has several sub-sectors, including cleaning activities, resource and waste management, management of facilities, and landscape services.

The cleaning sector employs 68% women though men tend to dominate sectors like waste management. However, in industrial environments, male cleaners are more prevalent.

Growth of the Cleaning Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has massively increased the need for cleaning services globally, profoundly impacting the UK economy. Statistics indicate that most revenue in the cleaning sector is generated in the United States, at £4,819m for 2021 so far.

Revenue in the UK for the household cleaners segment totals to £1,029m for 2021 so far. Annual growth of 1.84% is expected in the market (compound annual growth rate 2021-2025).

The Effect of The Cleaning Industry on The Economy

In the UK alone, the cleaning sector is responsible for creating almost one million jobs. If the hospitality industry was to be included in these statistics, since it requires a certain degree of cleaning, it would increase the numbers to just over 1.6 million, equating to five percent of the UK’s total workforce.

Approximately 65,000 cleaning businesses currently operate in the UK, with the majority concentrating around South East England and London. Each of these two areas has more than 11,000 cleaning companies while North East England has less than 2,000.

Adequate Machinery

With the increased need for top-of-the-range cleaning services due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for cleaning companies to invest in ideal industrial equipment is a necessity.

For instance, Cleanhire UK, one of the top leading equipment hire specialists in the UK offering industrial cleaning machines, offers you top-of-the-range machinery.

All the equipment is well maintained to the highest standards, and reliability is unmatched. Have a look at the industrial floor sweepers portfolio to match your needs. Cleanhire contacts are also available on the webpage to get a quote.

Rubber flooring is the preferred choice for most homes, businesses, airports, shopping centres among others because it is resistant to impact and it offers a high level of grip.How To Effectively Clean Industrial Rubber Floors

Rubber floorings are also popular in areas that require a high level of hygiene such as food industries, hospitals, gyms, and schools.

This article aims at explaining ways in which you can effectively clean industrial floors and the materials required for the process.

Cleaning Materials and Equipment

Cleaning industrial rubber floors is easy and only requires a few items. Below are some of the materials you may require during the cleaning process:

  • Buffing machine
  • Cleansing agent
  • Scrubber dryer
  • Vacuum

Cleaning Process

Ideally, it is essential to have different routines for cleaning the rubber floors. The routine could be daily, weekly, or periodic routines.

Clean the floor using a mop, and you can wet-wash the floor if there are persistent stains. If they persist further, applying extra pressure using a concentrated cleansing agent and a brush.

Daily or Weekly

Rubber floors in industrial buildings should be cleaned daily or weekly depending on the level of activity that takes place on the buildings. Here, you use a reasonable amount of water mixed with a mild detergent.

It is recommended to avoid strong detergents as they could be harsh on the floor. avoid using harsh scrubber dryers and change the water as often as possible.


At least each month or two, cleaning industrial rubber floors with a wet-vac could be beneficial. Mop the floor using the cleansing agent, and let it stay on the rubber floor for roughly 10 minutes.

Subsequently, hire a scrubber dryer and use it to rinse the floor. Always use dryers that have the softest brush.


Unlike other floors, rubber floors are easy to clean and maintain. However, the setback in using rubber floors is that small debris and dirt that are brought by boots and shoes or blown into the premises by air ducts and windows.

This challenge can be overcome by placing rugs at the entrance and exit points. Moreover, regular sweeping of the floor can keep the rubber floors clean and looking good for a long time.

If you need professional cleaning services, visit Cleanhire UK to get the best industrial cleaning services that offer you a great value for your money.

Cleaning programmes in healthcare facilities ensure patients, nurses and doctors have a safe, clean and healthy environment.How To Develop a Health Care Floor Cleaning Program To Reduce Infections

Hospital surfaces like floors, walls, furniture and counters are notorious for harbouring disease-causing germs.

Therefore, establishing a sound cleaning programme is critical in ensuring effective disinfection to prevent cross-contamination and germs spread. Developing a smooth health care floor cleaning programme requires the application of the strategies below:

Recognise That Floors Are High-Touch Areas

Cleaning staff often concentrate on wiping and disinfecting doorknobs, soap dispensers, or railings since they are the prominent high-contact surfaces. However, the cleaning personnel should also prioritise the cleaning of the floors.

While a patient may not touch the floor with their hands, exposure to contamination is still high.

Apart from exposure through placing bags on the floor, residual airborne bacteria and spills are also sources of contamination. The germs can transfer to critical surfaces.

For instance, a patient using a wheelchair will touch everything the wheel picks up from the floor.

Follow the Right Cleaning Steps

Ensure you start your cleaning routine the right way. For instance, consider dusting or removal of the debris before proceeding to scrub. Dusting is critical since it removes hairs and dust that host harmful pathogens.

However, scrubbing before removing debris can redistribute dust around the surfaces.

When you are confident the floors are dust-free, you can begin wet-cleaning using the appropriate tools and chemicals. If your facility does not have all the tools, you can find a scrubber dryer hire facility.

Disinfect After Cleaning

Disinfection in healthcare facilities is mandatory to kill any remaining germs after dusting and cleaning. However, it would be best to choose a suitable disinfectant that will not compromise the visitors’ safety.

The dwell time should also be minimal to avoid obstruction in high-traffic zones. Besides, chemical accuracy is vital to ensure proper sanitising and disinfection of surfaces.

Healthcare facilities must maintain clean and safe environments. A practical floor cleaning programme will incorporate the strategies above to ensure surfaces are spotless. Lack of cleaning equipment should not be a concern since hiring an industrial vacuum cleaner is a viable option.

Commercial kitchens must be kept in scrupulously clean conditions to satisfy the high standards of hygiene issued by the Health and Safety Executive.Best Cleaning Machines and Equipment for Commercial Kitchens

Hiring the best cleaning machines and equipment from Cleanhire UK is the most efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining the cleanliness of any commercial kitchen.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We have a range of heavy-duty industrial vacuums that are ideally suited to commercial kitchens. We have a choice of single electric motors for occasional use and economical three-phase motors for commercial kitchens with a heavy footfall.

The CRM137, in particular, is highly effective as it is a compact and comparatively lightweight model that is easy to operate and manoeuvre alongside cupboards and kitchen equipment.

It provides powerful, versatile cleaning solutions to safely remove liquid spillages, food debris, dirt and dust. The vacuum includes a noise suppressor for comfortable, convenient cleaning. Larger models include the S2B, CFM3508W and CFM3707.

Floor Sweepers

Our industrial floor sweepers are suitable for use on any floor surface measuring between 100 and 30,000 square feet. They are fitted with multiple brushes to ensure the effective collection of dust, dirt and debris while preventing particles being distributed into the air.

Although ride on models are popular for the largest surface areas, a push along version such as the COMAC CS50 provides excellent performance in the often restricted spaces of a commercial kitchen.

The sweeper’s compact design provides efficient, easy manoeuvrability while operating in tight corners and around kitchen appliances. It can also be used in dry or damp conditions.

Flexible Hire

We offer flexible, affordable opportunities for industrial vacuum cleaners and floor sweeper hire throughout the United Kingdom. Our highly competitive rates for short or long-term hire, lease or purchase, ensure our cleaning equipment is readily available for the proprietors of commercial kitchens of any size. Our reliable machines include the latest safety features, and with our twenty-four customer service and expert advice, your commercial kitchen can maintain an outstanding level of cleanliness.

What Can We Expect from the Industrial Cleaning Industry in 2021From new technology cleaning methods to specialised services, several aspects come in handy in determining the cleaning industry’s future in 2021. The cleaning companies anticipating to move their services forward need to recognise the emerging opportunities and trends to stay ahead of the rest.

Here are the top things you should expect from the industrial cleaning industry in 2021:

Coronavirus Cleaning

It is a fact that coronavirus pandemic has affected all industries. Since its emergence, people have learnt a lot about it. Still, many office buildings and businesses have increased their focus towards their facilities cleaning.

This means that one of the leading industrial cleaning trends is that consumers are demanding detailed and regular cleaning. Perhaps, the detailed attention to cleaning protocols will not vanish even after the virus is totally controlled.

Green Cleaning

Well, this is one of the industrial cleaning trends that all service providers need to embrace. With increased attention to climate hitches and the long-lasting effects left behind by the cleaning chemical products, the time to move to green cleaning is now! Customers too want this type of cleaning.

Software Tools

The ideal software tools integration is valuable to all industrial cleaning service providers. With the software in place, a cleaning company will find it pretty easy to streamline work orders, create and adjust bids, provide on-site proposals, conduct inspections, design cleaning checklists, track inventory and perform other activities.

Ideally, it makes the business quick, accurate, seamless and above all, profitable. Another thing is that customers can contact or engage the cleaning company from its website.

Specialised Services

Be it biohazard cleaning, specialised marble floor cleaning or working in healthcare facilities and hospitals, there is high potential growth in these unique cleaning segments. Since they demand specific cleaning procedures and training, there is minimal competition out there.

If you need unique vacuum cleaners that eliminates dirt and other particles, it would be helpful for you to consider scrubber dryer hire or the amazing industrial hoovers for hire.

Yes, these are the top anticipated industrial cleaning trends. Besides helping cleaning service providers recognise what the clients need, the trends determine the industry’s direction.

Finding the best floor cleaning machines for your warehouse isn’t particularly easy since each one of them has its own unique layout.What Floor Cleaning Machines Work Best For a Mass Warehouse Clean Up

Additionally, every warehouse has a different combination of manual equipment, automated equipment, and the human workers that work there, making it difficult to pick one size fits all solution.

That is why, in this guide, we will highlight some of the most effective machines for mass warehouse clean up.

Scrubber Dryer

The popularity of these floor cleaning machines has been growing steadily, and that alone speaks volumes about these machines.

Part of the reason for this is that they can keep up with strict health and safety regulations wherever they are called for action. They are mainly used in food and beverage companies for obvious reasons.

Their application runs wide into other sectors: the manufacturing industry, healthcare, education, hospitality, and even the pharmaceutical industry.

The best part is you don’t have to own this incredible cleaning machine as you can simply hire it from us. They usually come in two versions, which are the walk-behind and the ride on.

Benefits of the Scrubber dryer

The most significant upside of using a scrubber dryer hire is its ability to combine scrubbing and drying all in one smooth action.

This saves time and keeps the wages bill low because the work would otherwise require a lot of manpower, especially if the floor size is massive.

Some time back, these machines were only powered by a 240 volt supply, which had a few limitations.

First of all, you had to switch from one power outlet to another as you moved across the floor space, which took a lot of time.

Additionally, cables would sometimes get damaged, creating a hazard in the cleaning environment.

Nowadays, most of this cleaning equipment comes with battery options that allow you to clean longer without interruptions and do it safely.

Floor sweepers

It is usual for any warehouse to gather dust, but that doesn’t mean that it should be left untreated.

It is not only unpleasant but can also cause health complications to the people in the warehouse.

Sweeping with a broom, no matter how straightforward and simple it looks, is not recommended as it throws the accumulated dust on the Floor right back up in the air, and some of it may even settle back on the areas that you had cleaned already.

Sweepers vary in complexity and size depending on the job they are meant to do. We have battery operated large pedestrian sweepers that come with a vacuum system built-in for more effective cleaning for mass warehouse cleaning.

For an even bigger space, we have ride-on floor sweepers that come with more features such as a tipping hopper for making emptying easier and a filter cleaning system that makes sure the filters remain unblocked for maximum efficiency. You can hire a floor sweeper from us to have a premium floor cleaning experience.