Seven Reasons Why Floor Cleaning Matters

Seven reasons why you need to keep your floor in tip-top condition

A buffing machine: one of many useful allies in floor cleaning.
A buffing machine: one of many useful allies in floor cleaning.

Whether at home, in the office, or on the assembly line, floor cleaning matters every time. It is the difference between maintaining a safe system of work or a hefty legal bill. Floor cleaning is THAT important, and here’s why.

1. Prevention of trips and slips:

Workplace, home or public place, they are the cause of many injuries and deaths. Stray wires can lead to tripping up or electrocution. A wet floor could – without signposting – also be a slip hazard.

2. Removal of dirt, litter and other obstructions:

Litter and other obstructions can be a slip and trip hazards. Broken glass can shatter and cause bleeding. Removing dirt is important, not only for the overall appearance but also hygiene. In dust-free environments, an absolute must.

3. Removal of grit and sand:

Both materials are abrasive and wear down floors. They can scratch floor surfaces and ruin carpets, stonework, timber work, or protective coatings.

4. Removes allergens:

Dust residues have airborne particles, which are likely to trigger allergies.

5. Prevention of surface wears and tears:

Some floors need extra coating as part of its floor cleaning routine. For example, a sealant with tiled floors; floor wax for buffed wooden floors.

6. Floor cleaning makes for a sanitary environment:

Whether at home, in the office, or the factory, a clean floor makes for a dust-free and inviting environment. In the reception, first impressions count for your clients. On the production line, it is part of a safe system of working.

7. Cleaning makes the floor fit for purpose:

A clean floor makes a huge difference for indoor pastimes. In a sports hall, the line markings should be clear. On a dance floor, its floor should be properly varnished.

Clean Hire, 12 February 2016.