Why You Should Regularly Maintain and Clean Your Scrubber DryerEven the most complex and modern machines will require maintenance from time to time. This statement is just as true when referring to floor scrubber-driers.

However, we are not only talking about a marketing gimmick in this respect.

There are a handful of very logical reasons why cleaning is extremely important. What do the industry professionals have to say about this subject?

Ensuring a Return on Investment

Any well-established floor scrubber hire company will highlight the simple fact that modern machines will last for decades at a time if maintained properly.

This represents an excellent return on investment, as they are capable of addressing even the most challenging of cleaning tasks. In other words, examining certain portions of the unit (such as the scrubbing heads and the reservoir) will ensure that it remains functioning as it should.

Avoiding Major Issues

In terms of scrubber-driers, the name of the game is preventative maintenance. This is another way of saying that addressing minor faults can help you to avert major problems.

For example, it is much easier to ensure that the internal reservoir is free from debris when compared to the cost and logistics associated with replacing this important portion of the machine.

Try to establish a regular maintenance schedule so that any minor problems can be proactively identified.

All About Cleaning Efficiency

These units have been engineered to tackle nearly any type of flooring imaginable. Still, maintenance is required. This is particularly the case when referring to larger areas such as commercial centres and warehouses.

If you fail to clean the machine, problems will inevitably develop. Some common issues include clogged water jet heads and less water pressure. Be sure to read the maintenance instructions, as these will generally highlight how often the machine should be cleaned as well as any particular steps which you should take.

The specialists at Cleanhire UK will be happy to discuss this issue with you further. Please do not hesitate to give one of our representatives a call at your convenience. Maintenance is indeed king in terms of modern scrubber-driers.

A Guide on Cleaning Safety Flooring With Your Cleaning MachineNon-slip safety flooring is often found within public schools, hospitals, poolside locations, and play areas for children.

Thanks to modern technology, this type of flooring have been engineered to withstand a fair amount of abuse.

However, its longevity will also depend upon how effectively it is cleaned by trained personnel. What are some steps to take during the cleaning process and are there any recommendations to keep in mind along the way?

If you are planning on any type of maintenance in the near future, these two important questions should be answered.

Refer to the Flooring Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is important to read the maintenance guidelines that came with the flooring before using any type of industrial hoover. These might dictate that specific chemicals should be avoided or that only certain types of scrubbing brushes are appropriate. You may otherwise inadvertently cause damage to the surface.

From the Outside In

In terms of cleaning patterns, it is normally best to begin with the periphery of the room. You can then work your way towards the inside. This will also enable you to effectively access hard-to-reach areas that may otherwise trap dirt and debris.

If you still have difficulties, it may be a good idea to rent a unit that comes equipped with a handful of attachments. These are intended to address challenging dimensions.

Addressing Cracks and Gaps

There are many times when safety flooring will be installed in a series of sheets. The issue here is that the small gaps between these segments can trap mould, bacteria and other types of debris.

This is why these locations require special attention. Once again, opt for a unit which comes equipped with attachments that are intended to deal with such locations.

It could also be wise to lower the level of the underlying scrubbing heads so that they can reach into any gaps.

Our team offers a wide range of industrial floor sweepers and these are capable of dealing with safety flooring. In order to learn more or to speak with a representative, please contact us at your convenience.

How To Effectively Clean Your Floor ScrubberFloor scrubbers are designed to withstand a great deal of abuse by their very nature. Intended to tackle numerous types of surfaces and engineered to last for years at a time, these machines can excellent an excellent investment.

Still, we need to remember that properly maintaining your unit is the best way to ensure that no serious problems occur. What are some steps which should be taken from time to time?

Let us take a quick look at a few professionals suggestions that will help to guarantee that the machine continues functioning safely and efficiently.

The Brushes, Scrubbing Heads and Squeegees

It only stands to reason that these portions will take the brunt of any abuse, so they should be inspected before each use. Ensure that they are free from any dirt and debris.

If their surfaces appear worn or frayed, they must be replaced. This is why the brushes and associated cleaning elements are always inspected by a professional scrubber dryer hire service before the unit is rented.

The Reservoir

The reservoir is a tank which is intended to store detergent. However, it can become clogged over time. If not regularly emptied, mould and bacteria may begin to develop.

Remove any fluid from the reservoir on a regular basis and rinse all interior surfaces with a mild detergent or diluted bleach (depending upon the instructions provided by the manufacturer or the rental firm).

Water Jets and Nozzles

Many floor scrubbers employ a series of high-pressure water jets which help to loosen any dirt that might exist on an underlying surface. It should come as no surprise that these jets can become clogged on occasion; leading to issues with spraying power and the cleaning capacity of the unit.

Remove each valve and inspect it for any blockages. If one is detected, soak the jet head overnight in a solution of vinegar and water. This will help to dissolve the build-up of any minerals.

The good news is that Cleanhire UK always ensures that our machines are functioning at the highest of standards; saving you time and money.

A Breakdown Of The Different Floor Cleaning Fluids For Your MachineFloor cleaning machines are extremely modern and capable of addressing a host of different tasks. Whether referring to commercial, industrial or domestic environments, you have numerous options at your disposal.

Still, these units are only as effective as the detergents which are employed during the actual cleaning process.

What are your choices and what benefits are attributed to each? Let us take a look at some common formulations.

Neutral Cleaners

There are certain surfaces which will require a significant amount of care during the cleaning process. Some examples include stone and tile; particularly if these materials are quite old.

Cleaners that are too high in acidity or alkalinity can actually damage these surfaces. This is when pH-neutral cleaners can represent an excellent choice.

Alkaline Varieties

There are times when you might be required to hire a floor scrubber to deal with locations associated with food production. In these cases, it is best to employ a detergent that offers relatively high alkalinity.

This arises from the fact that high-alkaline solutions can help to dissolve fats and to eliminate any microorganisms that might be present. Still, these solutions should be used with caution in order to avoid any chemical burns.

Those with Lower pH Levels

Acidic cleaning solutions can be used to cut through tough amounts of grime as well as to eliminate limescale from certain surfaces. You may also be able to dilute these cleaners (depending upon the surfaces to be addressed as well as the recommendations on the bottle).

Please keep in mind that this is only a brief overview of the types of cleaners that can be used within a typical floor cleaning machine. It is important to mention that you should always read the associated instructions.

Furthermore, never mix these cleaners with any other chemical substances; this could cause a dangerous reaction to occur.

Do you have additional questions in regards to choosing the most appropriate solution?

Would you like to learn about the different types of cleaning machines offered by Cleanhire UK? If so, a customer service representative is always standing by.

Marble has been the go-to flooring material for millennia, and that is specifically because of its beauty and utility. With a shiny and glistening finish, a marble floor will make a room look elegant. It is important to note that this material can get stained easily, and this means you have to clean and polish it regularly. So, how exactly should you go about cleaning marble floors? Continue reading “How To Polish Marble Floors”

Wet Vs. Dry Vacuum Cleaners
You finally moved into your new home or office and are looking for vacuum cleaners to get your floors and carpets clean in the shortest time possible. But you’re having trouble deciding whether to get the dry or wet vacuum cleaner for your space.
You’re in luck. This article aims to give you a quick rundown on the basics to consider when choosing between a wet and a dry vacuum cleaner.1. Vacuum Cleaner CareBoth dry and wet vacuum cleaners need different care and maintenance to work efficiently. For instance, cleaning a dry vacuum cleaner requires that you remove all hair and debris from its brushes immediately after use. This ensures more efficiency the next time that you use it.

Alternatively, you should clean the waste container of your wet vacuum cleaner regularly with soap and hot water and all dirty water emptied after every use. Failure to remove water from the vacuum increases the chances of bacteria growing in its container.2. Emptying the Waste Container

Different industrial vacuum cleaner hire machines have different ways of emptying waste after use. Empty the waste container of a dry vacuum cleaner is quite simple. After use, your only work is to unhook the waste container from the device and dump any dirt and debris in it into a trash can. If anything is stuck on its brushes, you can use a stick to get it out.

On the other hand, the waste container of a wet vacuum cleaner should be dumped outside or somewhere where it doesn’t leak. Consequently, wet vacuum cleaners need more care when removing their waste containers too.3. Storage After Cleaning

Storing a dry vacuum cleaner after use is quite straightforward. You can simply put it right back in the store once you are done cleaning. There’s not much work afterwards, except maybe to remove any hair or debris locked on its hairs.

On the other hand, the wet vacuum cleaner is more demanding. Before storage, you must ensure that all of its brushes are dry and dirty water tank emptied as well before storage. Otherwise, it may become prone to bacteria growth.Bottom Line

The vacuum care tips mentioned above should have you set for whichever vacuum type that you choose for your floors and carpets. There are many industrial vacuum cleaners that you can choose from like the CFM SOL 300, CFM A17, VHC 200, VHS 120, etc. that can get your floors looking cleaner than ever. Choose a vacuum cleaner that covers all your preferences for the best results.


Now that the new year is finally upon us, many business owners will need to address maintenance tasks in the near future.

One of the best ways to enjoy a superior sense of efficiency and safety is to select from the wide range of floor scrubbers provided by our team.

What are some factors to address and what variables tend to be associated with the best units in the industry today?

Let’s break this subject down into a handful of suggestions in order to appreciate the big picture.

Choosing Trusted Brand Names

Reputation is everything within the floor cleaning industry. This is why it is always better to choose a reliable brand name. Our floor scrubber hire specialists work closely with Comac due to the fact that this manufacturer is one of the most respected and trustworthy.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose from a wide range of different models including:

  • Vispa
  • Antea
  • Versa
  • Innova Comfort
  • Omnia

Thus, it is now possible to complete even the most challenging projects within an amenable amount of time.

Walk Behind or Ride On?

Selecting the right configuration is just as important. Walk-behind units tend to be employed within smaller to medium-sized areas, as they can negotiate obstacles as well as tight turns.

Ride-on alternatives are best suited for larger working environments, as their footprint helps to reduce the cleaning time that would otherwise be required.

Versatility and Reliability

Choosing the most suitable model will also take other factors into account. These can include the type of cleaning mechanism, the presence of accessories, the turning radius, and the configuration of user controls.

This is why many businesses will seek out the advice of a customer service specialist at Cleanhire before making the final decision.

In terms of maintenance, flexibility and cost, we are your go-to source when nothing but the best floor scrubbers will do.

Please spend a few moments and examine the range of options to select and be sure to contact us to place a reservation or to address additional questions.

Floor cleaning machines are known for their ability to tackle large tasks that might not be feasible when using traditional methods. Not only can you select from a variety of configurations, but there are numerous levels of efficiency so that you get the most for your money.

How can you determine the efficiency of a unit? As this is an important part of the decision-making process, the answers deserve a closer look.

The Size of the Cleaning Path

It only stands to reason that industrial vacuum cleaners associated with a larger cleaning path (sometimes known as a cleaning “footprint”) will require fewer passes in order to complete a project.

This is often based directly off of the width of the machine, so be sure to check this variable out in advance.

The Inclusion of Accessories and Attachments

Efficiency will also be determined by the flexibility of the cleaner in question. Does it come with accessories such as retractable hoses and different cleaning heads so that hard-to-reach areas can be accessed?

It is also wise to look for additional amenities such as replacement squeegees and cleaning heads of different configurations so that you will be able to negotiate unique surfaces as well as obstacles such as uneven floors.

Water and Energy Consumption

These are the most obvious factors and yet, they still need to be mentioned. Cleaning machines that boast larger internal reservoirs will be able to store more water before needing to be refilled; cutting down the amount of time required to complete a task.

Energy consumption (normal rates in watts) should likewise come into play. Eco-friendly models will require less power to operate and many have been equipped with gel-based batteries that last for hours before requiring a recharge.

Efficiency is important if you hope to save time as well as money. Cleanhire offers all of the latest makes and models from the most recognised brand names in the sector.

Whether you require a vacuum for a one-off project or a long-term rental is the most logical choice, never forget that we are only a phone call away.

Floor sweeping machines can be separated into two different categories. Some allow the user to walk behind while others have been designed to be ridden.

Selecting between these two variants is always important and you will need to take a handful of variables into account.

Let’s take a look at how to make the correct decision so that even the most challenging of tasks can be completed within a timely fashion.

The Size of the Area to be Cleaned

Most floor sweeper hire services recommend that walk-behind units should be used when dealing with smaller areas that might otherwise be difficult to navigate.

This is mainly due to its diminutive footprint. Examples include compact showrooms, hallways and landings within stairwells. Ride-on floor sweepers tend to be bulkier and therefore, they are not entirely suited for dealing with cramped locations.

A Question of Effort and Efficiency

On the contrary, it is best to opt for a ride-on machine if you need to deal with a very large location (such as a warehouse or a series of indoor basketball courts).

There are two reasons for this observation. First, they will be able to complete challenging tasks within a relatively short period of time.

Secondly, ride-on units can be manipulated with little to no physical effort from the operator. Thus, issues such as fatigue will normally not present an issue.

Storage Capacity

A final variable is once again related to the size of the sweeper in question. It stands to reason that larger units are equipped with larger storage tanks. Thus, they can be operated for longer periods of time before needing to be emptied.

This is important to take into consideration, so be sure to determine the size of the area to be cleaned as well as the internal capacity (normally measured in gallons or litres).

You will be pleased to learn that the professionals at Cleanhire offer both variants and we work with only the most trusted brand names in the industry. Those who would like to learn more about their options are always encouraged to contact a customer service representative.