The hospitality industry has been hit heavily by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why protecting the health and wellbeing of both customers and employees is of utmost importance. As such, Hotels, restaurants, and resorts need to implement stringent precautionary measures as directed by the NHS.A Breakdown of COVID 19 Hygiene Regulations for the Hospitality Industry

If you’re a manager in a hospitality establishment, you must adhere to the following regulations:

Maintain High Standards of Personal Hygiene

Since Covid-19 is primarily transmitted through contact, you must ensure that both guests and employees wash their hands frequently. To this end, you may install hand sanitiser dispensers in strategic positions, including near the main entrances and the doors leading to different departments.

This way, you will minimise the risk of transferring viruses and bacteria from both outside and one room to another. Ideally, place someone close to the sanitising station, who will remind the guests and employees to sanitise their hands.

Provide Protective Equipment

Your employees are likely to come into contact with different guests in a day, which enhances their risk of contracting the potentially lethal virus. If, for instance, an employee serves a single guest who has COVID 19, they may contract the virus and subsequently spread it to another worker or guest.

You, therefore, need to ensure that all your staff members maintain a safe distance while providing services to customers. Also, you will want to provide them with protective gear, including gloves, pocket sanitisers, masks, and face guards.

The protective equipment will go a long way in preventing them from contracting the virus upon interacting with your guests, handling their language, or touching objects like utensils.

Improve your Establishment’s Deep Cleaning Procedure

In the wake of Covid-19, all the establishments in the hospitality industry are required to implement deep cleaning and disinfection protocols to mitigate the risks of spreading the virus.

As such, you may consider engaging professionals who provide floor sweeper hire service to ensure that guest rooms, meeting places, fitness areas, and dining areas are cleaned thoroughly.

It would also be in your best interest to confirm that high-traffic areas like the reception and tables are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Also, consider acquiring an industrial vacuum cleaner for rental to ensure that all the upholstery and carpets are cleaned rigorously and frequently.

Minimise the Contact Areas

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, restrict contact to the items that people tend to touch frequently.

These include menus, condiments, and decorations. While at it, remember to discontinue buffet-type self-service and salad bars.

Implementing preventative measures against Covid-19 is the key to keeping the hospitality industry booming.

The above measures will come in handy in protecting both customers and employees from contracting the virus.

This will keep them healthy and more productive while also minimising the spread of the dreaded illness to other people.

Besides, potential clients need to see that you’re committed to protecting their health and safety, and happy customers always come back.

How to Select the Perfect Scrubber Dryer Hiring Option for Your BusinessHave you become concerned about the state of the floors throughout your business? If so, regular maintenance is key if you hope to avoid any unsightly blemishes that may reflect negatively upon your operations.

Outsourcing cleaning solutions to third parties is one of the best ways to ensure a spotless floor at all times. This is why a growing number of business owners are choosing to use a professional floor scrubber hire firm.

How can you make an informed decision when choosing from the makes and models being offered? Let us examine some useful recommendations to keep in mind.

The Configuration of the Scrubber Dryer

The size of the machine will play an important role, as some are intended to address larger areas than others. This is why two common configurations are offered:

  • Ride-on machines
  • Walk-behind models

Ride-on scrubber dryers are best if you are dealing with a massive area (such as a warehouse). Walk-behind units are generally preferred for smaller locations due to their tighter turning radius.

The Type of Debris to be Collected

Floor scrubbers have been engineered to deal with a host of different types of debris. However, some are designed to address large particulate matter while others are solely utilised when cleaning up smaller materials (such as dirt or sawdust).

It is important that you examine the specifications associated with each unit in order to ensure that the correct one is chosen for the upcoming task.

The Need to Deal with Tight Spaces

Some machines are equipped with hoses and similar attachments (such as industrial vacuum cleaners).

These are excellent if you happen to be dealing with spots that standard cleaning heads cannot reach (such as corners or inside stairwells).

If this happens to be the case, it is wise to speak with a Cleanhire representative so that the correct make and model can be selected.

As always, one of our specialists will be more than happy to answer any other questions that you may have about an upcoming project. We are always standing by to provide bespoke floor cleaning solutions.

A Quick Guide on How to Deep Clean the Floors of Your BusinessThe floors of any business will naturally accumulate dirt and grime over time. This is even more likely if you happen to experience a significant amount of foot traffic on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to prevent premature wear and tear while ensuring that the beauty of the floor remains intact is to utilise an industrial floor cleaning machine.

What are some useful recommendations to keep in mind before addressing this type of maintenance? Let’s quickly examine a handful of expert tips.

Preparing the Area to be Cleaned

It is first prudent to prepare the floor in question before the cleaning process actually begins. Be sure to remove any larger debris that may be present, as these can damage the cleaning machine.

If you are dealing with an extremely large area, it could be wise to cordon off specific sections so that each can be addressed in due course.

Ensure that no Personnel or Pedestrians are Present

Many floor cleaning machines are quite large and loud. Therefore, it is crucial that no unauthorised personnel are present during the upcoming project.

Block off specific areas with the use of cones and similar warning signs. You can, therefore, address the floor without worrying about any type of accident.

Choose the Right Type of Floor Cleaning Machine

Respected firms which provide industrial vacuum cleaner hire services will offer a wide range of makes and models. Some of these are intended to be used for specific surfaces while others are equipped with attachments so that you can access hard-to-reach spaces (such as corners and crevasses). Closely examine each unit to determine which is the best choice.

Inspect the Area After the Project Has Been Completed

After the project is finished, examine the area that was just cleaned. There are times when the surface may need to be addressed again (such as if you are dealing with industrial properties associated with the presence of oils and similar materials).

If you would like to learn more about the range of machines at your disposal, please contact a representative at Cleanhire when necessary.

Signs You Should Replace Your Floor Squeegee BladesIndustrial floor cleaning machines have been engineered to the highest of standards and they contain a host of truly modern marvels. Many units will come equipped with one or more squeegee blades.

These blades are intended to remove any grime or liquids that may be present on a flat surface. In fact, their general design is not entirely dissimilar to common window squeegees.

It is also a foregone conclusion that these components will need to be replaced from time to time as a result of mechanical wear.

This is particularly the case if you happen to be cleaning large areas or locations prone to accumulate a significant amount of dirt. What are some signs that they need to be changed?

Common Signals that Squeegee Blades Should be Changed

One of the most common indicators involves small tracks of water or grime that remain even after the machine has passed over a certain portion of the floor. These could be a signal that the blades have cracked in certain areas.

You could also notice that large puddles of water are present. This might indicate that the edges of the squeegee blades are no longer touching the floor as a result of simple wear and tear.

The inherent efficiency of scrubber dryers will be dramatically decreased and as a result, the blades should be replaced sooner as opposed to later.

It might also be prudent to perform a visual inspection of the blade(s) in question. After removing them from the scrubber drier, clean them and place them in a pail of warm water.

Carefully examine the surfaces and edges for any signs of cracking or mechanical abrasion. Keep in mind that even small flaws can lead to costly issues, so adopting a proactive stance will save money in the long run.

If you hope to avoid the issues mentioned above, you can place your trust in the hands of the professional team at Cleanhire.

All of our machines are maintained to the highest of standards and as a result, you can remain confident that their cleaning power will never be called into question.

A Guide To Diagnosing Issues with Your Floor Sweeping MachineFloor cleaning machines are known for their ability to deal with challenging tasks while withstanding a great deal of wear and tear.

However, we need to keep in mind that proactive maintenance is extremely important if you expect your unit to remain functional over time.

This is why being able to identify and diagnose some common problems is an important talent to possess. Let us review a handful of issues and highlight what they might indicate.

An Excessive Amount of Water on the Floor

Many industrial floor sweepers are equipped with a squeegee mechanism found on the bottom of the device. If you notice that water remains on the floor, the chances are high that the squeegee needs to be replaced.

Degraded Suction Power

There may also be times when the floor sweeper does not seem to be able to pick up dirt and debris as quickly as in the past. While this may be due to a power issue, one cause could be related to the air filter.

Any clogs will block the flow of air and therefore, reduce the overall suction power. This is why it is wise to check the filter on a regular basis and if necessary, to purchase a replacement.

Low Power Levels

There can be multiple reasons for low power and the proper diagnosis will ensure that the unit once again functions as normal. First, check the age of the battery as well as its optimal charging time.

Older batteries should be replaced, as their internal power tends to degrade. Another issue could involve cleaning uneven floor surfaces.

In this situation, the machine will be required to apply more pressure and suction power to remove dirt. This causes the battery to drain much faster than normal.

These are some of the most common issues associated with floor sweepers. While some are easy to alleviate, others can be a bit more challenging.

This is why the experts at Cleanhire make absolutely certain that all of their machines are in perfect working condition so that reliability is never called into question.

Common Misconceptions About Floor Scrubber DryersIndustrial floor scrubbers and dryers utilise the latest technological innovations in order to provide the user with a host of different options. However, some individuals may be new to this sector.

They could also have a handful of misconceptions in regards to how these units operate as well as their associated benefits.

It is important to dispel some common myths in order to fully appreciate the options that are provided by our team of professionals.

They are Extremely Expensive

One of the most common myths involves the price of industrial floor sweepers.

While there is no doubt that these units can be rather expensive to purchase outright, we need to keep in mind that many firms offer efficient rental services.

This is an excellent way to reduce in-house expenses while simultaneously enjoying all that these modern marvels can provide.

They are Difficult to Operate

This next observation may have been true in the past. However, the user-friendly nature of industrial sweepers enables them to be used even by those with relatively little experience.

The controls are laid out in an intuitive fashion and the units themselves are easy to manipulate. This is one of the many reasons why floor scrubbers and dryers have enjoyed a pronounced amount of popularity in recent times.

However, it is still important to mention that these machines should only be operated by those who have undergone the proper level of training in accordance with the manufacturer.

They are Only Suited for Extremely Large Areas

Industrial properties are often associated with extremely large areas. Examples include warehouses, factory floors, assembly plants, and production facilities.

While industrial sweepers are certainly capable of handling these situations, it should also be mentioned that smaller spaces such as walkways and entrances can likewise be addressed.

This is why reliable scrubber dryer hire services provide units of different sizes and dimensions.

Now that we have dealt with some of the most common misconceptions, you may be curious to learn more about what Cleanhire has to offer. If so, please send us an email or call us in order to discuss the possibilities.

The Importance of an Industrial Vacuum FilterIndustrial vacuums are miracles of modern technology. Able to handle a host of different environments and engineered to offer a superior sense of durability, it is no wonder why they enjoy so many uses.

Part of this efficiency arises from the fact that they are constructed from a number of modular components. This is why maintenance is such an important issue. One critical accessory is the filter.

What are some of the reasons why these items need to be maintained on a regular basis?

Let us look at the primary roles of a filter in order to better understand how these machines function as a whole.

What Benefits Does a Filter Provide?

Every cutting-edge industrial hoover relies upon some type of filter. Of course, we are already away that filters help to prevent particulate matter from entering into these systems and damaging potentially sensitive parts.

It should likewise be pointed out that filters play a critical role in trapping airborne pathogens such as mould and bacteria.

This is a very real concern when dealing with public locations or areas associated with a high degree of foot traffic.

Without the presence of a functional filter, these very same particles could be released back into the ambient environment.

Filters play another crucial role in terms of on-site safety. As industrial vacuum cleaners are often used to address the needs of hazardous locations (such as manufacturing facilities), they may be exposed to combustible elements such as fine dust particles that remain suspended within the air.

Filters are capable of trapping these particles so that they do not pose a risk in the event that sparks or flames happen to be present. Grain silos and similar properties need to take such concerns very seriously.

All About Proactive Solutions

We can now see why filters are critical components within any industrial vacuum. If you require a replacement or should you wish to know more about why Cleanhire UK is the go-to source when quality counts, please take a few moments to contact us directly. A technician will be on hand to answer any additional questions.

How to Prepare your Industrial Carpets Before VacuumingCarpets have been engineered to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. Thanks to the use of modern and durable materials, these floors can last for years or even decades if properly maintained. This is why establishing a regular cleaning schedule is critical.

However, it is also wise to note that certain types of carpets found within industrial locations may need to be prepared before thorough cleaning.

Let us take a look at a handful of professional recommendations in order to appreciate the steps that may be involved. You can then remain confident that the carpets will not be placed at risk.

Removing Larger Debris

While there is no doubt that efficient industrial vacuum cleaners will remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, we need to point out that larger items may clog filters on occasion.

This is why it is important to look for rocks, metal shards and similar items that are visible to the naked eye. This will help to protect the machine against any unintentional damage.

Dealing With Nearby Elements and Accessories

There can be times when an industrial vacuum can have difficulty reaching tight spots.

In order to ensure that all elements of the floor are cleaned, you might need to address portions such as baseboard heaters and HVAC registers by hand or through the use of an accessory that can be attached to the vacuum. Try to determine whether or not this is relevant before beginning.

Addressing Areas of Specific Concern

Certain portions of an industrial carpet may be associated with a higher amount of foot traffic. Common examples include entrances, walkways and locations immediately in front of manually operated machinery.

If these areas require special attention, they may need to be cleaned multiple times in order to achieve optimal results.

As always, the professional team at Cleanhire is here to help if you have specific locations that need to be addressed.

Please contact us to learn more about our line of vacuum cleaners as well as other options such as industrially rated scrubber dryers.

The Best Floor Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning HospitalsThere are many locations which will require specialised equipment in order to ensure a clean and sterile environment. This is particularly the case when referring to hospital floors, as germs can easily spread between different locations.

Otherwise, the health of both patients and staff can be placed at risk. Whether referring to biological hazards, harsh chemicals or simple grime, the fact of the matter is that it is extremely important to select the right machinery.

Let us, therefore, take a look at the types of machinery to implement in order to avoid any possible dangers.

Scrubber Dryers

One of the elements which make dealing with hospitals a potential challenge involves the amount of foot traffic. Public areas such as waiting rooms and hallways are therefore perfectly suited for our scrubber dryer hire services.

These machines have been engineered to deal with larger areas, so sections of a hospital will not need to be cordoned off for an extended period of time.

Still, their cleaning mechanisms are quite effective when dealing with potentially hazardous substances. When floors need to be maintained to the highest of standards, there is no doubt that our selection of scrubber dryers will succeed.

Floor Sweepers

Capable of addressing areas as large as 30,000 square feet, our line of industrial floor sweepers can tackle even the most demanding of tasks.

Whether referring to a walk-behind unit or a ride-on model, these units can make quick work of hospital floors. All of our equipment is maintained to the highest of standards and maintained on a regular basis, so reliability is never an issue.

We also work together with trusted brand names such s Comac. This helps to ensure that only the most sophisticated equipment is provided to our customers.

It is still important to mention that some models may be more engineered to deal with specific tasks. This is why we are happy to address any additional enquiries that you may have.

Please feel free to contact a team member at Clean Hire in order to appreciate your rental options or to appreciate our pricing packages.

Why You Should Regularly Maintain and Clean Your Scrubber DryerEven the most complex and modern machines will require maintenance from time to time. This statement is just as true when referring to floor scrubber-driers.

However, we are not only talking about a marketing gimmick in this respect.

There are a handful of very logical reasons why cleaning is extremely important. What do the industry professionals have to say about this subject?

Ensuring a Return on Investment

Any well-established floor scrubber hire company will highlight the simple fact that modern machines will last for decades at a time if maintained properly.

This represents an excellent return on investment, as they are capable of addressing even the most challenging of cleaning tasks. In other words, examining certain portions of the unit (such as the scrubbing heads and the reservoir) will ensure that it remains functioning as it should.

Avoiding Major Issues

In terms of scrubber-driers, the name of the game is preventative maintenance. This is another way of saying that addressing minor faults can help you to avert major problems.

For example, it is much easier to ensure that the internal reservoir is free from debris when compared to the cost and logistics associated with replacing this important portion of the machine.

Try to establish a regular maintenance schedule so that any minor problems can be proactively identified.

All About Cleaning Efficiency

These units have been engineered to tackle nearly any type of flooring imaginable. Still, maintenance is required. This is particularly the case when referring to larger areas such as commercial centres and warehouses.

If you fail to clean the machine, problems will inevitably develop. Some common issues include clogged water jet heads and less water pressure. Be sure to read the maintenance instructions, as these will generally highlight how often the machine should be cleaned as well as any particular steps which you should take.

The specialists at Cleanhire UK will be happy to discuss this issue with you further. Please do not hesitate to give one of our representatives a call at your convenience. Maintenance is indeed king in terms of modern scrubber-driers.