Signs You Should Replace Your Floor Squeegee Blades

Signs You Should Replace Your Floor Squeegee BladesIndustrial floor cleaning machines have been engineered to the highest of standards and they contain a host of truly modern marvels. Many units will come equipped with one or more squeegee blades.

These blades are intended to remove any grime or liquids that may be present on a flat surface. In fact, their general design is not entirely dissimilar to common window squeegees.

It is also a foregone conclusion that these components will need to be replaced from time to time as a result of mechanical wear.

This is particularly the case if you happen to be cleaning large areas or locations prone to accumulate a significant amount of dirt. What are some signs that they need to be changed?

Common Signals that Squeegee Blades Should be Changed

One of the most common indicators involves small tracks of water or grime that remain even after the machine has passed over a certain portion of the floor. These could be a signal that the blades have cracked in certain areas.

You could also notice that large puddles of water are present. This might indicate that the edges of the squeegee blades are no longer touching the floor as a result of simple wear and tear.

The inherent efficiency of scrubber dryers will be dramatically decreased and as a result, the blades should be replaced sooner as opposed to later.

It might also be prudent to perform a visual inspection of the blade(s) in question. After removing them from the scrubber drier, clean them and place them in a pail of warm water.

Carefully examine the surfaces and edges for any signs of cracking or mechanical abrasion. Keep in mind that even small flaws can lead to costly issues, so adopting a proactive stance will save money in the long run.

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