Tennant Company’s New Offices on Golden Valley

Why the Tennant Company has considered moving its Head Office to the Golden Valley manufacturing plant

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Regular readers of our blog, and longstanding Cleanhire customers, may have come across the Tennant Company’s range of industrial cleaners. The multinational company, which shares its name with the tenth Doctor Who, has considered moving its head offices. At present, the Tennant Company’s head offices is on 1111 Douglas Drive North, which is only a short distance from its manufacturing plant.

If approved, and subject to any tax increment financing, the head office will only be moving half a mile east of its present position. 1111 Douglas Drive North has 22,000 square feet of space. The proposed campus, 75,000 to 90,000 square feet, will be off the intersection of highways 100 and 55. At present, the manufacturing plant on the same site occupies 288,000 square feet.

Furthermore, all of the industrial cleaning company’s clean estate fall within the Golden Valley’s redevelopment area. This could see them receiving $6.8 million in tax increment funding from the city. Tennant has been based in Golden Valley since 1957, 87 years after being formed in the north-eastern part of Minneapolis.

Once completed, it aims to revitalise what is a down-to-heel part of Golden Valley. The Tennant Company has 900 employees on both sites. Golden Valley, which has population of 20,000 people, has more than 30,000 people working (you could say it’s a bit like Trafford Park Industrial Estate). As well as Tennant, major employers include General Mills (of Shredded Wheat fame) and Honeywell.

Come 2020, they could have consolidated all their head office functions on its 150th year in business. Will it happen? Who knows. Their future move will also see the compulsory acquisition of two single-family homes and the Damascus Way halfway house on 5730 Olson Memorial Highway.

Clean Hire, 19 July 2017.