Rubber flooring is the preferred choice for most homes, businesses, airports, shopping centres among others because it is resistant to impact and it offers a high level of grip.How To Effectively Clean Industrial Rubber Floors

Rubber floorings are also popular in areas that require a high level of hygiene such as food industries, hospitals, gyms, and schools.

This article aims at explaining ways in which you can effectively clean industrial floors and the materials required for the process.

Cleaning Materials and Equipment

Cleaning industrial rubber floors is easy and only requires a few items. Below are some of the materials you may require during the cleaning process:

  • Buffing machine
  • Cleansing agent
  • Scrubber dryer
  • Vacuum

Cleaning Process

Ideally, it is essential to have different routines for cleaning the rubber floors. The routine could be daily, weekly, or periodic routines.

Clean the floor using a mop, and you can wet-wash the floor if there are persistent stains. If they persist further, applying extra pressure using a concentrated cleansing agent and a brush.

Daily or Weekly

Rubber floors in industrial buildings should be cleaned daily or weekly depending on the level of activity that takes place on the buildings. Here, you use a reasonable amount of water mixed with a mild detergent.

It is recommended to avoid strong detergents as they could be harsh on the floor. avoid using harsh scrubber dryers and change the water as often as possible.


At least each month or two, cleaning industrial rubber floors with a wet-vac could be beneficial. Mop the floor using the cleansing agent, and let it stay on the rubber floor for roughly 10 minutes.

Subsequently, hire a scrubber dryer and use it to rinse the floor. Always use dryers that have the softest brush.


Unlike other floors, rubber floors are easy to clean and maintain. However, the setback in using rubber floors is that small debris and dirt that are brought by boots and shoes or blown into the premises by air ducts and windows.

This challenge can be overcome by placing rugs at the entrance and exit points. Moreover, regular sweeping of the floor can keep the rubber floors clean and looking good for a long time.

If you need professional cleaning services, visit Cleanhire UK to get the best industrial cleaning services that offer you a great value for your money.

Cleaning programmes in healthcare facilities ensure patients, nurses and doctors have a safe, clean and healthy environment.How To Develop a Health Care Floor Cleaning Program To Reduce Infections

Hospital surfaces like floors, walls, furniture and counters are notorious for harbouring disease-causing germs.

Therefore, establishing a sound cleaning programme is critical in ensuring effective disinfection to prevent cross-contamination and germs spread. Developing a smooth health care floor cleaning programme requires the application of the strategies below:

Recognise That Floors Are High-Touch Areas

Cleaning staff often concentrate on wiping and disinfecting doorknobs, soap dispensers, or railings since they are the prominent high-contact surfaces. However, the cleaning personnel should also prioritise the cleaning of the floors.

While a patient may not touch the floor with their hands, exposure to contamination is still high.

Apart from exposure through placing bags on the floor, residual airborne bacteria and spills are also sources of contamination. The germs can transfer to critical surfaces.

For instance, a patient using a wheelchair will touch everything the wheel picks up from the floor.

Follow the Right Cleaning Steps

Ensure you start your cleaning routine the right way. For instance, consider dusting or removal of the debris before proceeding to scrub. Dusting is critical since it removes hairs and dust that host harmful pathogens.

However, scrubbing before removing debris can redistribute dust around the surfaces.

When you are confident the floors are dust-free, you can begin wet-cleaning using the appropriate tools and chemicals. If your facility does not have all the tools, you can find a scrubber dryer hire facility.

Disinfect After Cleaning

Disinfection in healthcare facilities is mandatory to kill any remaining germs after dusting and cleaning. However, it would be best to choose a suitable disinfectant that will not compromise the visitors’ safety.

The dwell time should also be minimal to avoid obstruction in high-traffic zones. Besides, chemical accuracy is vital to ensure proper sanitising and disinfection of surfaces.

Healthcare facilities must maintain clean and safe environments. A practical floor cleaning programme will incorporate the strategies above to ensure surfaces are spotless. Lack of cleaning equipment should not be a concern since hiring an industrial vacuum cleaner is a viable option.

Commercial kitchens must be kept in scrupulously clean conditions to satisfy the high standards of hygiene issued by the Health and Safety Executive.Best Cleaning Machines and Equipment for Commercial Kitchens

Hiring the best cleaning machines and equipment from Cleanhire UK is the most efficient and cost-effective method of maintaining the cleanliness of any commercial kitchen.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We have a range of heavy-duty industrial vacuums that are ideally suited to commercial kitchens. We have a choice of single electric motors for occasional use and economical three-phase motors for commercial kitchens with a heavy footfall.

The CRM137, in particular, is highly effective as it is a compact and comparatively lightweight model that is easy to operate and manoeuvre alongside cupboards and kitchen equipment.

It provides powerful, versatile cleaning solutions to safely remove liquid spillages, food debris, dirt and dust. The vacuum includes a noise suppressor for comfortable, convenient cleaning. Larger models include the S2B, CFM3508W and CFM3707.

Floor Sweepers

Our industrial floor sweepers are suitable for use on any floor surface measuring between 100 and 30,000 square feet. They are fitted with multiple brushes to ensure the effective collection of dust, dirt and debris while preventing particles being distributed into the air.

Although ride on models are popular for the largest surface areas, a push along version such as the COMAC CS50 provides excellent performance in the often restricted spaces of a commercial kitchen.

The sweeper’s compact design provides efficient, easy manoeuvrability while operating in tight corners and around kitchen appliances. It can also be used in dry or damp conditions.

Flexible Hire

We offer flexible, affordable opportunities for industrial vacuum cleaners and floor sweeper hire throughout the United Kingdom. Our highly competitive rates for short or long-term hire, lease or purchase, ensure our cleaning equipment is readily available for the proprietors of commercial kitchens of any size. Our reliable machines include the latest safety features, and with our twenty-four customer service and expert advice, your commercial kitchen can maintain an outstanding level of cleanliness.

What Can We Expect from the Industrial Cleaning Industry in 2021From new technology cleaning methods to specialised services, several aspects come in handy in determining the cleaning industry’s future in 2021. The cleaning companies anticipating to move their services forward need to recognise the emerging opportunities and trends to stay ahead of the rest.

Here are the top things you should expect from the industrial cleaning industry in 2021:

Coronavirus Cleaning

It is a fact that coronavirus pandemic has affected all industries. Since its emergence, people have learnt a lot about it. Still, many office buildings and businesses have increased their focus towards their facilities cleaning.

This means that one of the leading industrial cleaning trends is that consumers are demanding detailed and regular cleaning. Perhaps, the detailed attention to cleaning protocols will not vanish even after the virus is totally controlled.

Green Cleaning

Well, this is one of the industrial cleaning trends that all service providers need to embrace. With increased attention to climate hitches and the long-lasting effects left behind by the cleaning chemical products, the time to move to green cleaning is now! Customers too want this type of cleaning.

Software Tools

The ideal software tools integration is valuable to all industrial cleaning service providers. With the software in place, a cleaning company will find it pretty easy to streamline work orders, create and adjust bids, provide on-site proposals, conduct inspections, design cleaning checklists, track inventory and perform other activities.

Ideally, it makes the business quick, accurate, seamless and above all, profitable. Another thing is that customers can contact or engage the cleaning company from its website.

Specialised Services

Be it biohazard cleaning, specialised marble floor cleaning or working in healthcare facilities and hospitals, there is high potential growth in these unique cleaning segments. Since they demand specific cleaning procedures and training, there is minimal competition out there.

If you need unique vacuum cleaners that eliminates dirt and other particles, it would be helpful for you to consider scrubber dryer hire or the amazing industrial hoovers for hire.

Yes, these are the top anticipated industrial cleaning trends. Besides helping cleaning service providers recognise what the clients need, the trends determine the industry’s direction.

Immediate response to a spill in your workplace can change its outcome. If you are unable to avoid the spills in the first place, lightning-fast reactions are critical.The Best Way To Tackle A Spill in a Factory

Also, having the right absorbents at hand will be of big help. Never under-estimate small and regular spilling. To avoid any unprecedented damages due to spillage, here is how to control it;

Commence with Doing Some Maintenance

It would help if you avoided tiny leaks of anything. Ensure that new taps or gaskets are well fitted. If the workplace is kept clean, it is more likely that people will be conscious to avoid any spills. Temporarily, you can fit absorbent materials under the leak. However, don’t forget that this is temporary. Floor scrubber dryers can be of a big help here.

Always Be Prepared

Thinking of what is likely to spill, to what extent, and the damage it can cause is a good move too. This will help you acquire the needful absorbents and have them stored near the potential spillage areas. It is therefore critical to note that different absorbents are good for water and oil spillages. Some are effective for both.

Mop It

Soaking up or moping the spillage is one of the ideal ways to deal with it instantly. At this point, you can employ the services of industrial vacuum cleaners. They will be a big help because they are used for various purposes and especially in large establishments.

Correct Disposal

Anything that has been used in cleaning or soaking up needs proper disposal if it should be. Generally, this means that the spillage is disposed of the same way the materials used could have been disposed of. Especially if the spillage involves oil, maximum caution and proper disposal of the mopping materials is vital.

Further, the availability of appropriate bags that resist the spilt material at your disposal is necessary. This will help since you will have time to make proper arrangements for a more effective way.

With that in mind, it is essential that you develop a spill plan for your employees and train them accordingly. They need to understand what they should do in case there is a spillage. This is the easiest way to minimize potential danger posed by factory spillage.

Cleaning services are businesses which provide a service for cleaning and restoring property and equipment. However, Industrial cleaning is specifically related to providing such services to the commercial market. This segment of the industry may require specialist equipment and the use of strong chemicals in order to meet the level of performance required.What Industry Does Industrial Cleaning Fall Under_

What type of business may require industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning is generally performed on a larger scale than domestic cleaning. The type of facility which may be the subject of industrial cleaning can include:

  • Office blocks
  • Warehousing
  • Factories
  • Production facilities

The work of the industrial cleaner may be a ‘one-off’ specialist task to manage a particular problem within an industrial building or it may be undertaken at a regular or contract based level. In both cases, the work will usually require specialist equipment or industrial cleaning machines in order to undertake the project successfully.

What sort of tasks do industrial cleaners undertake?

The role of the industrial cleaner is wide-ranging and may include cleaning floors, toilets, changing rooms, canteens, offices, air filtering systems, mechanical equipment, storage and warehousing, laboratories, etc.

Do industrial cleaners undertake specialist work?

Many industrial cleaning companies are able to provide specialist services which may include:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Industrial vacuum cleaning
  • Decontamination work
  • Pressure washing
  • Noxious substance removal

When faced with problems such as those listed above, it would be wise to contact a specialist contractor to provide a comprehensive and safe floor cleaning machine hire service. Companies such as Cleanhire UK will be able to advise on what action can be taken when a specific problem arises or a regular cleaning program needs to be employed.


An industrial cleaning company can provide regular, janitorial style services to a factory or office while also being able to provide specialist equipment and ‘know how’ when a difficult situation, such as a chemical spill, occurs within a working environment. Consult the experts for the best results.

The novel coronavirus is still in our midst but this doesn’t mean workplaces should remain closed. To support livelihoods and revive economies, workplaces are now facing gradual reopening but have to comply with the laid down rules and regulations.Deep Cleaning Checklist to Make Your Workplace Covid-secure

One of the mandatory requirements by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) is keeping workplaces clean. Cleaning surfaces and work equipment helps curb the spread of the virus.

Therefore, you have to establish a sound deep cleaning system for the safety of your staff, clients and other stakeholders. A deep cleaning checklist will help you identify and prioritise your workplace cleaning needs.

This guide, therefore, outlines a simple deep cleaning checklist that you can adopt to make your workplace secure.

Here is a sample of a typical deep cleaning checklist:

Develop a Workplace Cleanliness Plan

The best way to make a workplace secure is to follow a regular cleaning plan. While no cleaning plan fits all places of work, you may consider implementing a daily practice of cleaning high touch areas such as front office desks, bathrooms and meeting rooms.

The daily cleaning may either be done either through dusting or disinfecting. Additionally, you may have intermittent deep cleaning sessions which include upholstery, carpet cleaning and surface treatments.

Those in charge of cleaning should wear personal protective equipment (PPEs) and dispose them well after every use. Depending on your deep cleaning needs, you may go for scrubber dryer hire services for increased efficiency.

Identify When to Modify the Cleaning Plan

Modification mainly comes with increased frequency and efficiency. It is important to identify when you should increase cleaning efficiency and frequency.

Such instances include when a member of your workforce tests positive for the virus. Additionally, when there is a large-scale event within your workplace like a board meeting, you should increase your cleaning efficiency.

When you need to make some cleaning changes, you should go for more specialised cleaning plans such as hiring an industrial hoover.

Promote Good Office Hygiene

To make the deep cleaning efforts effective, you should encourage your workforce to maintain a hygienic office regime.

Regular washing of hands and disinfecting has become a part of everyday life and you should therefore consider something extra. For example, you may implement a work from home strategy to reduce office congestion.

Additionally, you may upgrade office doors to touchless or automatic form to reduce contacts.


With a deep cleaning checklist, it will be easier to create a safe workplace for all the workers. Adopt a deep cleaning mechanism checklist and help fight the spread of Covid in your workplace.

Maintaining cleanliness has always been a critical factor for any successful business. With the current Covid-19 pandemic and additional hygiene standard requirements, it is always vital to maintain a clean environment.Why Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in a Floor Scrubber

Cleaning the floor using a bucket and mop, especially for commercial spaces, can prove to be a herculean task. Using a floor scrubber is more effective.

A floor scrubber is an essential floor cleaning gadget that is used to clean larger surfaces. It can be in the form of a ride-on or a walk-behind machine utilizing a tool as simple as a floor brush or floor mop.

A floor scrubber cleans by injecting water with a cleaning solution, scrubbing, and then lifting off the floor’s residue.

Depending on style and size, these machines can sometimes be pricy and make more business sense to hire than purchase. If you’re anywhere in the UK, you can utilize the reliable services of Cleanhire UK.

Why Invest in A Floor Scrubber?

Using a floor scrubber to clean your spaces has a considerable number of benefits. Here are a few:

  • It Takes Less Effort

Using a bucket and mop to clean your floors can be a time-consuming, energy-draining, labour-intensive task. Using a floor scrubber requires minimal effort and can do the job in half the time, if not less.

  • It’s More Efficient

A floor scrubber is built for industrial use with proper maintenance, meaning it’s designed to last for years. Not only will it help you achieve maximum cleanliness in a shorter time, but it will also reduce your water bill.

  • It Reduces Accidents and Incidences

Workplace accidents are something to be avoided. Not only do they result in lost wages and workdays, but they also attract insurance claims. And it’s not just where your employees are concerned.

If a customer were to slip or fall on your premises, this could attract a lawsuit. Maintaining clean floors throughout your operation hours in the most efficient and timely way is vital for your business, hence why a floor scrubber comes in handy.

For the ideal floor scrubber hire, ensure you get a wide range of floor scrubbers you can select from to suit your personal preferences as well as commercial needs.

The hospitality industry has been hit heavily by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why protecting the health and wellbeing of both customers and employees is of utmost importance. As such, Hotels, restaurants, and resorts need to implement stringent precautionary measures as directed by the NHS.A Breakdown of COVID 19 Hygiene Regulations for the Hospitality Industry

If you’re a manager in a hospitality establishment, you must adhere to the following regulations:

Maintain High Standards of Personal Hygiene

Since Covid-19 is primarily transmitted through contact, you must ensure that both guests and employees wash their hands frequently. To this end, you may install hand sanitiser dispensers in strategic positions, including near the main entrances and the doors leading to different departments.

This way, you will minimise the risk of transferring viruses and bacteria from both outside and one room to another. Ideally, place someone close to the sanitising station, who will remind the guests and employees to sanitise their hands.

Provide Protective Equipment

Your employees are likely to come into contact with different guests in a day, which enhances their risk of contracting the potentially lethal virus. If, for instance, an employee serves a single guest who has COVID 19, they may contract the virus and subsequently spread it to another worker or guest.

You, therefore, need to ensure that all your staff members maintain a safe distance while providing services to customers. Also, you will want to provide them with protective gear, including gloves, pocket sanitisers, masks, and face guards.

The protective equipment will go a long way in preventing them from contracting the virus upon interacting with your guests, handling their language, or touching objects like utensils.

Improve your Establishment’s Deep Cleaning Procedure

In the wake of Covid-19, all the establishments in the hospitality industry are required to implement deep cleaning and disinfection protocols to mitigate the risks of spreading the virus.

As such, you may consider engaging professionals who provide floor sweeper hire service to ensure that guest rooms, meeting places, fitness areas, and dining areas are cleaned thoroughly.

It would also be in your best interest to confirm that high-traffic areas like the reception and tables are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Also, consider acquiring an industrial vacuum cleaner for rental to ensure that all the upholstery and carpets are cleaned rigorously and frequently.

Minimise the Contact Areas

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, restrict contact to the items that people tend to touch frequently.

These include menus, condiments, and decorations. While at it, remember to discontinue buffet-type self-service and salad bars.

Implementing preventative measures against Covid-19 is the key to keeping the hospitality industry booming.

The above measures will come in handy in protecting both customers and employees from contracting the virus.

This will keep them healthy and more productive while also minimising the spread of the dreaded illness to other people.

Besides, potential clients need to see that you’re committed to protecting their health and safety, and happy customers always come back.

Summer has always been the perfect time for deep cleaning schools to make them hygienic for learners. Since schools can be filled with germs, it is important to plan the deep cleaning activity ahead of time to keep the learners healthy. If you have never done such a thing before, here are some of the best deep cleaning tips for school floors.Deep Cleaning Tips For School Floors

Have the Right Floor Cleaning Equipment

If you are looking to hire cleaning services, they must have the right equipment from Cleanhire UK, to deliver excellent services.

Therefore, before closing the deal with them, be sure to confirm what they will be using to clean the school floors.

Note that deep cleaning might cost a lot of money without the right tools, and you will not be impressed with the quality of the services provided.

Make a Plan

If you are serving as a janitor, the chances are that you will not be sure where to start unless you have a well-formulated plan. Proper planning implies that you know the most attention areas and the duration that the entire work will take.

If there are many of you, in your plan, assign duties to everyone and give them the areas they will work on. Also, be sure to write down a list of priorities so that the entire school floor shall have been perfectly cleaned when you are done.

Types of Cleaning To Carry Out

As already mentioned, due to the nature of individuals that use them, school floors can get very dirty. Therefore, to deep clean them, make sure to do pressure washing for grounds and walls within the school compound.

You also want to strip, sealing, and re-polish the hard floors to ensure that they look perfectly clean.

For hard floors such as gym floors, and changing rooms floors, you want to use a scrubber dryer machine. Once you are done with that, clean the curtains and upholstery and scrub the windows to give them a shiny look.

In case there are fabrics and carpets, use the right materials to deep clean them. In some cases, if the floors are very dirty and you think they might contain deadly pathogens, try to use disinfectants.

The Bottom Line

Deep cleaning school floors and walls require proper planning by a team of highly experienced experts.

If you feel that your institution needs to be cleaned when students are on holiday, make sure to contact the best cleaning companies in your area and agree on the price.