5 Quick and Easy Ways to Prevent Dirt Buildup on Your Office Floors

You might not think about it, but your office floor is an important part of your business. When you have a clean and organized floor, it can make the entire building look cleaner.

Plus, if your floors are dirty or cluttered with rubbish then that tells visitors that they should expect to see the same thing inside the office space.

On top of being unprofessional, dirt on office floors can cause all sorts of problems for employees who use wheeled chairs throughout their workday. If you want to keep things looking fresh and professional at your company’s offices then check out these five quick tips!

Use Entrance Mats to Keep Office Floors Clean

If the building where your business occupies has a front door then make sure to put an entrance mat just outside it. This will catch all of the dirt that gets tracked in from outside and also act as another place for people to wipe their feet before they enter your office space.

Common entrance mats you will find in commercial places are made of rubber or sometimes a coir and vinyl blend. You can purchase them in different colours to better fit your company’s motif but either way, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you get one that is large enough for the front entrance!

Vacuum Frequently

Dust particles and debris from the outside tend to build up on office floors over time which is why it’s important to vacuum frequently. This will reduce the amount of dirt that your employees have to deal with and can also help them feel more comfortable in their work environment.

The larger the office space, the more foot traffic there is typical. This means that a business will have to clean up after their employees and customers more often. Due to this increased cleaning frequency, an industrial vacuum cleaner may be required due to its effectiveness in removing debris from carpets or other surfaces.

Shampoo the Carpets Before and After Winter

You can expect more dirt and debris to accumulate on your office carpets during the winter. This is because of all the moisture that will be soaked into them from rain, sleet, or snow instead of being picked up by a vacuum cleaner as it would in the summer months when there’s less humidity outside.

To prevent this dirty accumulation from embedding itself deep within carpets you should do a deep clean with professional carpet cleaners every once in a while so that they stay fresh-smelling for longer!

Place Furniture Strategically

Furniture should not be pushed up against walls, but rather employees are able to move around the office freely without feeling cramped. It is also a must that they work on clean floors at all times so as to prevent any health hazards for themselves and their colleagues.

Placing furniture such as desks, chairs, and cabinets against the wall is not only aesthetically unpleasing but also a great way to get dirt everywhere. To avoid this, it is important that these items are placed in an open area at all times so that they can be frequently vacuumed before dirty accumulation takes place!

Create an Effective Office Floor Cleaning Maintenance Plan

With this internal cleaning schedule, your employees will be aware of what they need to do each day. This way you can prevent neglecting maintenance duties that may lead to health and trip hazards from dirt accumulation or clutter in the office environment!

Alternatively, you can contact a specialist to do the job for you, which will save time and stress. They will also have specialist cleaning equipment to get the job done efficiently.

In Conclusion

In order to prevent dirt buildup on your office floors, it’s important that you have a regular maintenance schedule. This means sweeping and mopping at least once a day in high-traffic areas such as entrances or break rooms. If you want help with this task, get in touch with Cleanhire UK today for commercial floor care equipment such as floor sweepers and industrial vacuum!