What Cleaning Chemicals Are Used in Floor Cleaning Machines?

What Cleaning Chemicals Are Used in Floor Cleaning Machines

Hiring professional cleaning machines is a flexible and cost-effective means to keep any environment in top-top shape. While the mechanisms involved are impressive in their own right, the use of chemical agents is just as important if you hope to tackle even the most stubborn of stains. So, what types of chemicals are used within scrubber dryers? Let us take a quick look at some common formulations as well as the benefits that each has to offer.

The Alkaline Edge

The majority of floor cleaners will use a combination of alkaline chemicals within their formulation. Alkaline agents are non-acidic in nature, so they will not damage the associated surface. They are (generally) safer to work when compared to acidic cleaning solutions such as those utilised to remove inorganic deposits. Some examples of alkaline cleaning agents include (but may not be limited to):

  • Potassium hydroxide
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia

This is also why mixing these agents with other chemicals can be dangerous; harmful gases such as chlorine may be accidentally liberated.

Acidic Solutions

Some surfaces such as concrete or stone might require agents that include acids. Hydrochloric acid and acetic acid (vinegar) could both be employed depending upon the material. Although these solutions are generally diluted, care should still be taken when performing any cleaning task.


It only makes sense that detergents are often present alongside the chemicals mentioned above. Detergents will help to remove stubborn grime and many are formulated in such a way as to provide a shine to the surface of the flooring.

Solutions to Remove Grease

There may be times when the production of grease is a real concern. Common examples include floors found within restaurants and food storage facilities. In this case, the addition of degreasing agents may be needed within the cleaning solution. Some of these might be based within a solvent while others could be organic in nature (especially if they are to be used around foods made for human consumption).

This is only a general overview of some of the most common chemicals used in cleaning machines. Cleanhire is pleased to provide a number of bespoke solutions based around the needs of the customer. Anyone who is curious to learn more should contact a representative.