Why it pays to go professional

Turn to Clean Hire: The Professionals.
The cleanliness of your floor shouldn’t be left to chance. For industrial floor cleaning and scrubbing equipment, why not turn to our professionals?

Whether your floor is a sprung dance floor or a petrol station forecourt, keeping it in tip-top condition is an absolute must. With the amount of time and money invested, cutting corners on your floor is a ‘no-no’. We at Clean Hire are with you every step of the way, offering you a wide range of professional vacuum cleaners and scrubbers for hire. Continue reading “The Importance of Professional Floor Cleaning”

Clean Hire looks at railway carriage cleaning practices

The wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150
A nice clean train: the wonders of carriage cleaning on an Arriva Trains Wales Class 150 Sprinter train. Image by Peter Skuce, 2009 (Public Domain).

Many of us pay a princely sum for our season tickets each month or year.  Among our biggest complaints besides punctuality, reliability and overcrowding is cleanliness.  Or the lack of it, such as dirty seats and blocked toilets.  Of great importance to the operation of our rail network, is carriage cleaning. Continue reading “Carriage Cleaning: How Clean Is Your Train?”

Dusty roads set for clean sweep

Industrial vacuums in action, as seen in Washington DC.
The future Delhi dust buster? Industrial vacuums like this one in Washington DC could be seen on the streets of the Indian city. Photograph by Elvert Barnes (Creative Commons License: Attribution – Share Alike).

Rising pollution in the streets of Delhi is a bone of contention for government officials and road users alike. The Delhi government has tried to clean the city’s streets with mechanical sweepers, but they were tested by its dusty roads. In December of last year, the Delhi government have considered industrial vacuums as a solution. Continue reading “Industrial Vacuums Set for Delhi Streets”

LG vacuum cleaner uses smartphone pairing to clean floors

CES 2012 - LG HOM-BOT robot vacuum cleaner (6764015169)
Predecessor: an earlier version of the LG Hom-Bot vacuum cleaner, seen at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Image by Pop Culture Geek, 2012 (Creative Commons License).
Today’s vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the Dyson, let alone the Hoover Junior.  Miniaturisation has seen today’s smaller models perform the task of bigger brothers with ease.  Some of which are wireless and clean floors through sensing technologies.  Revealed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is LG’s addition to the fold. Continue reading “LG’s New Vacuum Cleaner and Security Device”

How a performance artist used an industrial vacuum cleaner to turn Chinese smog into a brick

Beijing smog comparison, August 2005. Wouldn't an industrial vacuum cleaner solve this once and for all?
Now You See It, Now You Don’t: an August 2005 view of Beijing without and with smog.

For the pea soupers of 1950s London, read Beijing in 2015. The Chinese capital city has gained a notorious reputation for its suffocating smog. One person decided to do something about it. For 100 days, artist Brother Nut carted an industrial vacuum cleaner through the streets of Beijing and sucked the city’s polluted air with the wand held high. Continue reading “From Smog to Bricks with an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner”

Smells from your dog, and the cosmos too…

Earth from space, surrounded by small white dots. A job for CleanSpace One?
The extent of space debris around Earth. A job for CleanSpace One? It’ll need several cleans and a bit of Shake ‘n’ Vac.

We at Cleanhire have a wealth of industrial vacuum cleaners for hire, from those suitable for small spaces to those big enough for mainline stations. At present our vacuum cleaners are strictly Earth based, though this could change by the end of this decade. Soon to reach the skies could be cosmic vacuum cleaners. CleanSpace One, invented by researchers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, could clean our skies. Continue reading “CleanSpace One: Vacs in Space”

Seven degrees of floor preparation tools

Floor sweeping, 1919 style (Kremlička - Myčky).
Floor cleaning has come a long way from this era, as depicted in Rudolf Kremlička’s painting from 1919. Had they had the benefit of a Eureka Magnum…
Among Cleanhire’s wealth of floor sweeping devices is the range of sweepers by Eureka. The Italian company’s lean green machines are designed for a wealth of environments, from school corridors to airport terminals. Also playgrounds and focal piazzas. In walk behind or ride-on forms, they offer petrol, diesel, LPG and battery versions of their products.

Their entry level floor sweeping device is the Picobello 101, which can sweep up to 2.100 square metres per hour. The top of the range model is the Magnum. Its capacity, a staggering 18.720 square metres per hour. Continue reading “Floor Sweeping’s Eureka Moment”

Whether you’re cleaning the tightest of crevices or the most spacious of rooms, we at Clean Hire UK have a wealth of floor scrubber dryers to suit your requirements. For hire, these range from handheld scrubbers to sit-on cleaning machines. Each and every one of them are built for high-traffic settings, particularly school corridors and mainline railway stations.

Our magnificent seven floor scrubbers

 1. Vispa 35 E-B-BS

The Vispa 35 E-B-BS is the smallest of Comac Floor Scrubbers. Like a snappy little terrier, it can get to the tightest of crevices and has the tenacity of a Jack Russell at full tilt. Mains and rechargeable battery versions are available for hire. This model is ideal for congested areas.

2. Media scrubber dryers

The second smallest floor scrubbers really pack a punch, especially in hard-to-clean areas where deep cleaning is required. There is three variants of the Media floor scrubbers (65 BT/75 BT/60 BTS). The third one is the scrubbing-sweeping version with 61cm cylindrical brushes. 65 BT and 75 BT models have 66cm and 76cm disc brushes.

3. Omnia scrubber dryers

Comac’s Omnia range is their entry level model of walk-behind floor scrubbers. As with the smaller Media range, no expense is spared in its ability to clean the dirtiest of floors. Besides its disc brushes, other accessories include ppl or tynex brushes.

4. Innova scrubber dryers

The Innova scrubber dryers is Comac’s entry level range of sit-on floor scrubbers. One wersion with a 61cm disc brush covers four working widths: 65, 75, 85 and 100 centimetres. Another version with a single cylindrical brush has a 61 cm working width. On launch, the Innova 60B was designed to replace walk-behind floor scrubbers. Its compact size allows for use in lifts and narrow corridors.

Other versions include the Innova 65B/M, Innova 75B/M and the Innova 85B/M. The manual option (denoted by the letter M) allows for easy control of the squeegee and the brush head via two independent levers.

5. Flexy scrubber dryers

Designed for large and medium sized areas, the Flexy 75/85 B and 70/85 BS scrubbing machines are available in both the scrubbing and scrubbing-sweeping versions. Being sit-on floor scrubbers, both variants are designed with all-round visibility and maximum safety in mind. Both come with headlights and a warning horn, making them suitable for all environments.

6. Ultra scrubber dryers

For bigger areas and deep cleaning, the Ultra range of floor scrubbers does the hard work with great ease. Available in scrubbing and scrubbing-sweeping versions they are simple to use, even for beginners. The Ultra 85 and Ultra 100 series of models have low noise levels which allows for quiet operation. Safety features include speed regulation (which slows the device down on bends) and an acoustic alarm, whilst the vehicle is reversing.

7. The C130 scrubber dryer

Designed for mainline railway stations and airports, the C130 floor scrubbers come in battery and diesel versions. Four counter rotating brushes and a cylindrical brush conveys dirt into its removable hopper. Whereas the battery version has a maximum working area of 25,000 square metres, the diesel version can go anywhere. Its working width of 130 cm makes for a dependable workhorse. Though bulky, its performance and manoeuvrability is light on the user.

For further information…

Our look at Comac’s seven types of floor scrubbers just about scratches the surface. As well as our website, Comac’s own site has a detailed look at the machines and their applications.

If any of these sources are enough to whet your appetite, why not give us a call on 01744 633738? Whether you need to clean narrow corridors or spacious warehouse units, why not turn to us.