Ten Google Queries on Industrial Cleaning

Google search suggestions for industrial cleaning services

In the last month, Google’s search queries have been in the news with allegations of political bias towards the Conservative party cause. This has led to many bloggers and news sites wondering what happened if they entered a given phrase. We at Clean Hire have jumped on the bandwagon to see what happens if we enter ‘industrial cleaning’ into Google.

Industrial cleaning services based Google queries

1. Does industrial cleaning…


The main queries that emerge involve the semantics and the cost of industrial cleaning services. Also as to what it entails.

2. Where in industrial cleaning…?


Entering the aforementioned search phrase did not return any suggested results.

3. Industrial cleaning doesn’t…


(As we have found) record any suggested results.

4. Industrial cleaning shouldn’t…


(Though it didn’t) give us any suggested results at all.

5. Industrial cleaning has…


(As we have found) no suggested results whatsoever.

6. Why does industrial cleaning…


(As we find) fire blanks in terms of Google’s search suggestions?

7. Industrial cleaning…


As we have found, it returned a wide range of suggestions.  Most of which concerned the stuff we offer, particularly Industrial Cleaning Equipment.  The top suggestion, Industrial Cleaning Services is self-explanatory.  It can entail contract cleaning services or the hire of Tennant sweeping machines (like our business).  The latter can be applicable to the third suggestion, Industrial Cleaning Supplies.

Continuing in the same vein is Industrial Cleaning Products, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals and Industrial Cleaning Brushes.  Of the business-related terms, Industrial Cleaning Companies, Industrial Cleaning Business, and Industrial Cleaning Jobs feature.

8. Industrial cleaning is…


Unrepresented in Google’s predictive search facilities.

9. Industrial cleaning will…


(As we found) not return any search suggestions on Google.

10. What does industrial cleaning…


For our final variation of industrial cleaning themed results, we end with two suggestions. Only this time, it is Groundhog Day with What Does Industrial Cleaning Mean? and What Does Industrial Cleaning Involve? as the two Google suggestions.

A Niche Term? Really?

You would think that industrial cleaning as a search term would attract a fair number of search suggestions on Google. How wrong we were. On its own, the term industrial cleaning attracts 201 million results on Google. It is far from being a niche term with a wide amount of competition, even with ‘UK’ added to the results (64.1 million).

For industrial cleaning, our range of Comac and Tennant machines deliver the right results every time. For further information, give us a call on 01744 633738. Or you can email us. We shall be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

Clean Hire, 01 March 2016.