How To Use the Tennant Floor Sweeper Effectively

How To Use the Tennant Floor Sweeper Effectively

Tennant floor sweepers are recognised throughout the industry for unsurpassed levels of efficiency and their ability to deal with challenging environments.

However, appreciating a handful of operational guidelines is crucial if you hope to enjoy all that they have to offer. This is also critical in regards to on-site safety. Let us therefore quickly examine some steps to follow at all times.

Initial Steps

Before operating modern industrial floor sweepers, it is important to remove any large debris from the area to be cleaned. This material can become clogged within the machine and cause damage to its internal parts.

Then, be sure to plan your route carefully. It is best to operate the machine in long, parallel paths along the floor. This will maximise its efficiency while ensuring that no sections are missed.

Powering Up the Unit

Once you have addressed the previous recommendations, you will need to power up the machine. There are several steps which are included here:

  • Increase the speed of the engine.
  • Activate the vacuum fan.
  • Lower the brushes so that they make contact with the floor.
  • Release the parking brake.
  • Depress the propel pedal to begin moving forward.

It is wise to write this checklist down and place it on the dashboard for quick reference; particularly if you are not familiar with the Tennant series.

Turning Off the Floor Sweeper

Once the cleaning task has been completed, you will need to power down the machine. Here are the sequential steps to follow:

  • Release the propel pedal and depress the brake.
  • Raise the brushes.
  • Lower the engine RPM.
  • Deactivate the vacuum fan.
  • Activate the dust filter shaker system.

Finally, never leave this machine or any other floor sweeper unattended when not in use.

Safety Guidelines

Be sure to pay attention when reversing; particularly within locations associated with foot traffic or dangerous equipment.

Always reduce speed when addressing inclines or declines, as this will enable you to maintain adequate control of the unit.

When in doubt, consult with the operational manual or speak with a trained technician at Cleanhire UK Ltd.

The main takeaway point is that operating these modern floor sweepers will require a handful of preparatory steps.

However, the end results, as well as the technology at your disposal both, offer countless benefits.