A Breakdown Of Floor Sweeper Parts and How They Work

A Breakdown Of Floor Sweeper Parts and How They Work

Modern floor sweepers function as finely tuned machines. They consist of hundreds of different parts and each one must work in synergy with the others in order to produce effective results.

However, some accessories play crucial roles when dealing with large commercial and industrial surfaces. Let us look at four major parts within a floor sweeper as well as the actions which are performed by each.

Vacuum Motors

Vacuum motors are essentially the powerhouses within any machine. Each of the models associated with our floor sweeper hire services rely upon these motors in order to remove dirt and debris from the floor below.

Besides providing power to the unit itself, vacuum motors also create the air pressure needed so that any loose materials can be sucked up and stored within the internal reservoir.

Power Supplies and Accessories

While some floor sweepers will rely upon mains electricity to function, a growing number of models are supplied with internal batteries.

The main advantage here is that these units are more mobile and they can be operated for hours at a time before needing to be recharged.

Other units work off of a combination of batteries and mains power supplies. Of course, the exact configuration will be determined by the location to be cleaned, its size and your unique requirements.

Brushes and Scrubbing Heads

Brushes and scrubbing heads play crucial roles within any sweeper. The mechanical action of these parts and the introduction of cleaning solutions will help to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

As you may have imagined, there are a variety of scrubbing heads and brushes to choose from.

Each has been designed to deal with a specific type of surface, so it is wise to speak with one of our team members to learn more.


Squeegees are placed towards the rear of the scrubbing machine and they are meant to dry the floor surface once it has been scrubbed. Removing excess moisture and water also ensures that the area can be used again within a short period of time. This is often crucial within locations such as warehouses and sales floors.

Floor scrubbing and sweeping machines are truly modern marvels in terms of their unique functions and innovative designs.

The good news is that you can choose from a plethora of makes and models when working in conjunction with the experts at Cleanhire UK.