What are the Different Types of Floor Scrubber Heads

What are the Different Types of Floor Scrubber Heads

Industrial floor scrubbers serve a variety of roles within modern commercial and industrial environments. Not only are they able to tackle numerous cleaning challenges, but they help to ensure higher levels of safety. However, there are many different units to choose from.

The efficiency of these machines will often be based upon the type of scrubber heads present. This is important, as different surfaces may require different cleaning techniques. Let us look at three of the most common scrubbing heads as well as when each is generally used.

Disk-Style Heads

This is arguably the most common type of head and it features prominently within the scrubber dryer hire services offered by our firm. Disk heads leverage the power of mechanical rotation and the presence of a cleaning agent to remove material from a floor. This variety is best used on smooth surfaces (such as stone, concrete or marble).

Cylindrical Heads

In this configuration, a tube-style cylinder rotates parallel to the underlying floor. There are numerous brushes which have been embedded around the tube and these are used to effectively remove particulate matter.

Many scrubbing machines also have some type of collection tray or pan located behind the rotating tube that is used to pick up larger pieces of debris.

The main benefit here is that users will not normally be required to sweep or mop the location prior to scrubbing the floor. Another takeaway point to mention is that cylindrical heads are ideally suited for dealing with uneven surfaces.

Square Oscillating Heads

The positioning of a square oscillating head is virtually identical to the disk-shaped variant mentioned earlier. The main difference is that as opposed to spinning, the scrubbing head will oscillate at a much faster speed.

This is often required when removing much more durable materials from a floor such as varnish. The shape of the head is likewise perfect for reaching into corners and other crevasses that disk heads might otherwise miss.

So, we can see that each of these varieties is developed with a unique application in mind. This is why it is best to speak with a specialist in order to determine which one is best suited for a specific task.

If you would like to learn more about your options or to appreciate the different floor scrubbers available, please take a few moments to contact a representative at Cleanhire.