The Ultimate Guide For Cleaning Industrial Floors

The Ultimate Guide For Cleaning Industrial Floors

Effectively cleaning industrial floors is essential in terms of sanitation as well as general safety. However, these environments are often difficult to tackle due to their size as well as the types of surfaces to be addressed.

This is why a quick how-to guide can prove to be quite useful in order to appreciate the basic steps that should be taken. Let us break this process down into easily digestible sections.

Taking the Dimensions Into Account

It is best to split larger floor spaces into more easily manageable sections. This will ensure that all areas are cleaned while avoiding time-wasting problems such as overlapping what has already been addressed. Look at a general floor plan and mark off specific sections to be cleaned.

Preparatory Steps

Be sure to manually remove any large debris (such as bolts, glass or loose pieces of metal) before employing a floor cleaning machine. While there is no doubt that the industrial hoovers supplied by our company are built to last, keep in mind that not all have the ability to deal with large pieces of detritus or rubbish. This is why it is a good idea to personally walk through the area to be cleaned well in advance.

Selecting the Right Scrubber Head

Different scrubber heads are selected based upon the type of surface to be cleaned. For example, disk-style heads are best when dealing with smooth and flat floors (such as the concrete floors associated with a warehouse).

Uneven surfaces can be tackled through the use of a cylindrical scrubber head. Square oscillating variants may be employed to remove paint, varnish ad similarly stubborn materials.

Effective Cleaning Techniques

Most experts recommend beginning within the centre of an area and working towards the periphery. Pay particular attention to corners and difficult angles, as these areas tend to gather dirt over time.

Choose the best scrubbing machine configuration (such as a walk-behind or ride-on model) so that the task can be effectively completed within a timely fashion. Finally, be sure to place warning placards and similar signage so that no unauthorised personnel enter.

The professionals at Cleanhire UK are more than happy to provide further assistance when required. Also, keep in mind that we offer a variety of floor scrubbers and hoovers to choose from.

Your needs are therefore covered. In order to obtain additional advice when dealing with industrial floors, please contact us directly.