Can Floor Cleaning Machines Withstand the Cold Weather?

Can Floor Cleaning Machines Withstand the Cold Weather

Contemporary floor sweeping machines have been engineered to deal with multiple challenging environments. From large factory floors to commercial entrances that require a more delicate touch, the sheer versatility of these units can suit even the most demanding of requirements.

While many articles focus upon their cleaning capabilities, relatively few address the subject of weather. How might the colder seasons of the year impact their performance? Let’s take a look at what types of configurations are best suited for cold conditions.

Accessories Designed for Both Indoor and Outdoor Uses

One excellent way to determine if an industrial hoover is built for cold environments is to choose one which is designed for both indoor and outdoor uses. These variants will often be associated with a more robust build in mind; completely suitable when the temperatures begin to fall.

However, it is still important to determine the minimum operating temperatures associated with the model in question before committing to a purchase or a hire service.

The Critical Importance of Detergents and Cleaning Solutions

This is one of the most overlooked and critical factors to highlight. Many polymer-based detergents will break down in cold weather. Not only can this reduce the cleaning power of the machine, but issues such as clogs may occur.

Read the owner’s manual to determine which types of solutions can be used with the cleaning machine in order to avoid any maintenance problems.

Cold-Start Capabilities and Other Features

Check to see what weather-specific amenities are associated with the industrial floor sweeper. Can it be started when temperatures drop below freezing or will the power of the battery be placed in jeopardy?

Are the scrubbing brushes, hoses, squeegees, and other critical components designed to be used in colder environments?

Reliability is always important when choosing a cleaning machine that is engineered to withstand colder conditions. Thankfully, Cleanhire UK supplies a vast array of configurations to choose from and many of these can be used in an outdoors environment.

If you have additional concerns about functionality, please feel free to contact one of our specialists directly.