What are the Best Floor Cleaning Machines for Manufacturing Sites?

What are the Best Floor Cleaning Machines for Manufacturing Sites

Safety is always a primary concern within many modern manufacturing sites. Whether referring to automated production facilities or manned operating plants, the fact of the matter is that the condition of the floors needs to be taken very seriously.

It is therefore quite common to employ modern scrubbers and sweepers in order to ensure that no hazards are present. Still, there are a variety of different configurations and models to choose from.

How can you make the most informed and cost-effective selection while still ensuring superior cleaning capacity?

Considering the Dimensions of the Environment

Many manufacturing facilities are associated with a rather large dimensional footprint. This is arguably one of the most important metrics to address well in advance.

The size of the cleaning path is therefore critical. Many professionals recommend ride-on units due to their ability to handle larger areas with a greater sense of efficiency when compared to walk-behind models.

Let’s also remember that automated controls and propulsion ensure that workers will not fatigue over time.

Identifying Potential On-Site Hazards in Advance

Certain manufacturing environments are associated with unique hazards such as:

  • Combustible gases
  • Flammable liquids
  • Fine airborne particulate matter such as dust

Certain industrial hoovers have been engineered with these variables in mind. Thus, risks such as accidental sparks are prevented due to their configuration. Be certain to identify any in-house hazards during the selection process.


There can likewise be times when industrial floor scrubbers will be required to negotiate tight turns (such as around hallways or the periphery of a CNC machine).

This will often dictate that a unit will a smaller turning radius is the best option. Of course, Clean Hire offers trusted brand names in a number of different sizes.

You can, therefore, tackle challenging spaces while simultaneously ensuring a superior level of cleanliness.

If you are still uncertain which model to select or should you have any other questions, one of our representatives will be more than happy to spend a few moments discussing your options. Please contact us at your convenience.