Tips For Choosing Between a Ride on or Walk Behind Machine

Tips For Choosing Between a Ride on or Walk Behind Machine

Floor sweeping machines can be separated into two different categories. Some allow the user to walk behind while others have been designed to be ridden.

Selecting between these two variants is always important and you will need to take a handful of variables into account.

Let’s take a look at how to make the correct decision so that even the most challenging of tasks can be completed within a timely fashion.

The Size of the Area to be Cleaned

Most floor sweeper hire services recommend that walk-behind units should be used when dealing with smaller areas that might otherwise be difficult to navigate.

This is mainly due to its diminutive footprint. Examples include compact showrooms, hallways and landings within stairwells. Ride-on floor sweepers tend to be bulkier and therefore, they are not entirely suited for dealing with cramped locations.

A Question of Effort and Efficiency

On the contrary, it is best to opt for a ride-on machine if you need to deal with a very large location (such as a warehouse or a series of indoor basketball courts).

There are two reasons for this observation. First, they will be able to complete challenging tasks within a relatively short period of time.

Secondly, ride-on units can be manipulated with little to no physical effort from the operator. Thus, issues such as fatigue will normally not present an issue.

Storage Capacity

A final variable is once again related to the size of the sweeper in question. It stands to reason that larger units are equipped with larger storage tanks. Thus, they can be operated for longer periods of time before needing to be emptied.

This is important to take into consideration, so be sure to determine the size of the area to be cleaned as well as the internal capacity (normally measured in gallons or litres).

You will be pleased to learn that the professionals at Cleanhire offer both variants and we work with only the most trusted brand names in the industry. Those who would like to learn more about their options are always encouraged to contact a customer service representative.