What Should I Consider Before Buying an Industrial Vacuum?

What Should I Consider Before Buying an Industrial Vacuum_

Industrial vacuum cleaners are often used to clean environments that might not be suitable for more delicate models. Examples include warehouses, large commercial showrooms and construction sites.

There are several factors to consider before purchase to make certain that the correct configuration will be chosen. Let us examine four variables.

The Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is one of the first points to address when hiring an industrial hoover. A duty cycle is defined as how long the unit is designed to operate before it will require maintenance.

In other words, machines intended to operate within busy environments should always be associated with longer duty cycles (sometimes as long as 2,500 hours or more).

The Type of Environment

Industrial cleaners are suited for multiple types of work environments. However, some are specifically designed to be used within harsh and/or dangerous conditions.

Examples include areas associated with flammable gases or locations that might exist close to caustic chemicals. Be sure to determine whether the model in question is equipped with the appropriate safety features (such as spark-free ignition systems) in order to minimise the chances of an accident.

Filtration Systems

The type of filtration system will depend upon the materials that are being removed from the floor. Some filters offer extremely fine mesh; ideal when dealing with particulate matter such as silicate dust.

Also, check to see how often the filter will need to be cleaned. Some can be manually maintained while others may need to be replaced.

Purchases Versus Machine Hire Services

Many industrial hoovers are extremely expensive to purchase outright. This is why it could be a good idea to employ the hire services offered by Cleanhire. Numerous models and configurations are offered, so tackling even challenging environments will normally not present an issue. Machine hire is also the most cost-effective option in order to accommodate a tight budget.

Leveraging the benefits of an industrial vacuum is always a reality if you know what to take into account well in advance. Please feel free to refer back to this article as a guide during the selection process.