Floor Scrubber Glossary of PartsModern floor scrubbers represent the culmination of a technology that has been evolving for decades. Not only are these units extremely efficient, but the range of options is quite impressive.

This is the reason why professional floor scrubber hire services are often employed by businesses and other entities that wish to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.

So, what are the main components of these amazing machines? Let us take a look at what goes on behind the scenes in order to appreciate the big picture.

The Scrubber Head

The scrubber head is arguably the most visible part of the unit, as this portion is in direct contact with the ground. Different configurations are available and these depend upon the style of machine (cylindrical and disc heads are the two most common).

The Squeegee Assembly

The squeegee is used to remove dirt, water and similar debris off of the floor as the machine moves forward. This is a great addition, as the floor tends to be dry after the cleaning process has been completed. As you might have imagined, squeegees are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to address discrete needs.

The Vacuum

The vacuum portion of the scrubber is directly attached to the squeegee. It will suck up any debris and detritus that was left behind from the scrubbing head. A vacuum fan is often present, as it will help to dry the underlying surface.

A filter is likewise contained within this mechanism. It is important to clean this filter on a regular basis in order to avoid a buildup of dirt that may clog the mechanism.

The Power System

Floor scrubbers can be equipped with several different types of power supplies. Some of the most common include batteries, internal combustion engines, plug-in models, and even units powered by LP (liquid propane) gas.

Customers will often choose the power supply based off of their requirements. For instance, machines equipped with battery-powered engines tend to be the most versatile, as they do not require a cord to operate.

Please note that this is only a very brief overview of the components found within floor scrubbers. Should you like to leverage the benefits associated with these machines, pleased contact Cleanhire at your convenience.

The Ultimate Cleaning Plan To Tackle Industrial EnvironmentsEnsuring that industrial environments are clean, safe and free of debris has never been an easy task. This is particularly the case when dealing with larger areas such as factories and warehouses.

Having the right protocols in place can make all of the difference in the world between a potentially hazardous situation and a well-maintained area. Let’s quickly examine how you can maximise your in-house efforts in order to deliver targeted and efficient results when the time is right.

Identifying the Risks that are Present

It is first important to identify the specific areas which need to be addressed in terms of priority. Some common examples in this case include busy warehouses, showroom floors and any locations associated with a high rate of foot traffic.

However, domestic cleaning devices will not often suffice. This is when the use of an efficient industrial floor sweeper will come in handy. These powerful units have been designed to handle extremely demanding workloads, so a clean environment is much closer than you may believe.

Using Modern and Professional Cleaning Equipment

Many businesses will often rent cleaning equipment, as these units are maintained to the highest of standards and there are a wealth of options to select.

This is arguably the most cost-effective method as well due to the fact that any mechanical issues (although quite rare) will be handled by the supplier in question. Rental options are quite flexible and reputable suppliers such as Cleanhire offer a range of brand-name products.

Delegating Responsibility

Larger environments tend to dictate that multiple employees will need to participate in common cleaning and maintenance tasks. This is when accountability comes into play.

For example, one individual can oversee the use of industrial floor scrubbers while another may be in charge of ensuring that specific areas of a building are cordoned off during the cleaning process. This is the best way to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely fashion.

Even very large industrial environments can be efficiently cleaned if you prepare in advance. In the same respect, hiring industrial sweepers and scrubbers from Cleanhire is the best way to guarantee that challenging tasks will not require an inordinate amount of time to complete.

How to Quickly and Effectively Clean Industrial Floor MatsIndustrial floor mats are critical within many environments due to the fact that they will provide employees with an additional level of safety. However, their functionality ultimately depends upon maintenance. If floor mats are not regularly cleaned, potentially serious incidents can occur. What approaches should management and similar stakeholders adopt to ensure that this highly effective flooring is never compromised?

Adopting a Proactive Stance

One of the best ways to avoid more in-depth cleaning requirements is to make it a point to regularly vacuum your industrial floor mats. However, the dirt and grime that may become embedded within these surfaces can prove challenging to overcome with in-house methods. This is why customers will often choose to leverage the advantages attributed to a scrubber dryer hire firm.

Not only will you be provided with a plethora of scrubbers to choose from, but each unit is guaranteed to provide optimal results. Should you be dealing with larger surface areas, this windfall cannot be denied. The best way to avoid a possible safety issue is to adopt a regular cleaning schedule.

Know the Signs of Wear and Tear

Even the most robust industrial floor mats have a limited lifespan. Make it a point to know when one of these surfaces is due to be replaced. Some of the most common warning signs include:

• Frays or cracks around the edges.
• Non-slip surfaces that are no longer effective.
• An unpleasant odour (possibly due to the presence of chemicals, mould or bacteria).

If any of these symptoms are present, it is best to procure a replacement as soon as possible.

When to Consult with a Professional

There are times when it may be difficult to determine the exact root of the issue. If your maintenance efforts have resulted in little noticeable improvement, it is best to speak with a trained technician. If you are looking to do the clean yourself, consult with an expert at Cleanhire for the best equipment to use. We are more than capable of assessing what might be required and above all, you can enjoy a sanitary and safe industrial environment.

What Does Industrial Cleaning Consist OfA Quick Overview of the Industrial Cleaning Process

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This maxim is even more relevant when referring to modern industrial environments. Management is ultimately responsible for maintaining a safe and sanitary workplace in order to adhere to regulations as well as to address the needs of employees. So, what does this cleaning process involve and what steps should be taken?

Initial Preparation

Larger structures such as commercial showrooms and warehouses will often benefit from a floor scrubber hire service due to enhanced efficiency and the ability to deal with challenging tasks. However, a handful of initial steps should always be addressed such as:

  • Removing large debris such as rubbish or pallets.
  • Cordoning off the location to be cleaned.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate cleaning solution is utilised to address the surface in question.

Planning is crucial if you hope to avert any costly mistakes along the way.

Identifying Problematic Areas

Some locations found within an industrial structure can be more difficult to address than others. Common examples include areas found close to dangerous machinery or elevated platforms that require additional safety precautions.

Highlighting these locations in advance will allow employees and maintenance personnel to take the appropriate safety measures. This also helps to expedite the cleaning process itself.

Assessing the Results

It is no secret that industrial environments can present a number of pitfalls in regards to regular maintenance requirements. Some approaches will inevitably produce more viable results than others.

This is why it is important to evaluate how long the task took to perform as well as if any problems were encountered along the way. These observations will enable you to adapt your approach in order to tackle future projects with a proactive sense of efficiency.

While the advice mentioned above is undoubtedly useful, there are certain circumstances which could be better addressed if you choose to hire an industrial hoover. If you are ever in doubt, please take a few moments to speak with a customer service representative at Cleanhire. We offer a wide range of options which have been engineered to tackle even the most daunting of industrial cleaning tasks.