Floor Scrubber Glossary of Parts

Floor Scrubber Glossary of PartsModern floor scrubbers represent the culmination of a technology that has been evolving for decades. Not only are these units extremely efficient, but the range of options is quite impressive.

This is the reason why professional floor scrubber hire services are often employed by businesses and other entities that wish to maintain a safe and sanitary environment.

So, what are the main components of these amazing machines? Let us take a look at what goes on behind the scenes in order to appreciate the big picture.

The Scrubber Head

The scrubber head is arguably the most visible part of the unit, as this portion is in direct contact with the ground. Different configurations are available and these depend upon the style of machine (cylindrical and disc heads are the two most common).

The Squeegee Assembly

The squeegee is used to remove dirt, water and similar debris off of the floor as the machine moves forward. This is a great addition, as the floor tends to be dry after the cleaning process has been completed. As you might have imagined, squeegees are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to address discrete needs.

The Vacuum

The vacuum portion of the scrubber is directly attached to the squeegee. It will suck up any debris and detritus that was left behind from the scrubbing head. A vacuum fan is often present, as it will help to dry the underlying surface.

A filter is likewise contained within this mechanism. It is important to clean this filter on a regular basis in order to avoid a buildup of dirt that may clog the mechanism.

The Power System

Floor scrubbers can be equipped with several different types of power supplies. Some of the most common include batteries, internal combustion engines, plug-in models, and even units powered by LP (liquid propane) gas.

Customers will often choose the power supply based off of their requirements. For instance, machines equipped with battery-powered engines tend to be the most versatile, as they do not require a cord to operate.

Please note that this is only a very brief overview of the components found within floor scrubbers. Should you like to leverage the benefits associated with these machines, pleased contact Cleanhire at your convenience.