Why a Ride On Floor Scrubbers are Perfect For Shopping Centre Floors

Why a Ride On Floor Scrubbers are Perfect For Shopping Centre FloorsCleaning large commercial centres can represent a very challenging task due to the sheer size of these properties. Owners are often forced to choose between cost and efficiency. Unfortunately, this will inevitably lead to maintenance issues and the safety of patrons can even be placed in jeopardy.

This is also why traditional methods are often not able to provide sufficient results. If you have been struggling to find a cost-effective solution, hiring a floor scrubber should be seriously considered. What are the benefits of these ride-on units and how can such advanced technology tackle even the most daunting of tasks?

Specifically Designed for Large Spaces

Modern automated floor scrubbers have been engineered to handle demanding workloads. In fact, were you aware that some units have the capability of cleaning more than 12,000 square metres? In other words, they are ideal for addressing the needs of shopping centre floors with ease.

The fact that the user can ride on the machine itself signifies that he or she is able to enjoy a greater degree of control; an obvious concern when navigating around objects or patrons. Many units also contain large internal storage tanks; important in regards to ensuring continuous operation.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Solutions

Commercial floor scrubbers have been built to last and they are extremely durable. If maintained properly, you can expect a second-to-none sense of reliability when dealing with the needs of your commercial centre. In the same respect, cleaning mechanisms such as brushes and squeegees have been engineered for heavy-duty uses.

This allows them to represent the perfect solutions when dealing with high-traffic areas that might be associated with spills and stains. However, these floor scrubbers are also extremely flexible in terms of the sizes and dimensions to choose from.

You will, therefore, be able to find the right make and model for your unique requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of renting such units, please contact Cleanhire and speak with a trained representative.