Why Start Ups Should Invest in a Second Hand Floor Scrubber

Why Invest in Second Hand Floor Scrubbers

Start-up businesses will naturally face a number of challenges before they are able to enjoy success. Not only must day-to-day operations be handled efficiently, but on-site cleaning should take place on a regular basis. Some owners might hesitate at this prospect, as they may not be able to afford new items such as a modern floor scrubber. However, there are many second-hand options available which will prove to be just as useful and efficient. What benefits can these scrubbers provide and why are used machines an excellent option to keep in mind?

Clean, Safe and Respectable

Appearances mean everything within the world of business. A structure that is dirty and poorly maintained will reflect negatively upon the firm in question. There could even be times when such an appearance could cost a sale. A bit of cleaning can go a long ways towards positively representing a business. It should also be mentioned that a clean environment is associated with a safe environment. Slips and falls are much less likely to occur if a floor is properly maintained.

A Solid Investment

New scrubbers can cost well into the hundreds of pounds. However, second hand floor scrubbers may represent excellent and cost-effective alternatives. It should be pointed out that the term “second hand” does not necessarily equate to a poor or unreliable product. Not only are the prices significantly cheaper, but there are a wealth of sizes and functions to choose from. Whether referring to ride-on units or those designed to fit within tight areas, customers will have a number of choices. Some other amenities often offered include:

  • Structured lease payments.
  • New batteries and chargers.
  • New brushes.

As payments can be made incrementally, businesses will not have to worry about being hindered by a large financial commitment. Other important operations such as product development and marketing can therefore remain the top priorities.

Built to Last

Refurbished floor scrubbers represent excellent options when manual labour will not suffice. These can be used within warehouses, showrooms, large industrial complexes a indeed anywhere that requires top-notch cleaning solutions. All of the units supplied by Cleanhire have been rigorously tested to ensure that they will function properly and efficiently. When cost is a concern, second-hand machines can prove to be invaluable choices. Please take a look at our selection to learn more and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.