A Maintenance Guide For Industrial Floor Cleaners

A Maintenance Guide For Industrial Floor CleanersWe often take the reliability of modern floor cleaners for granted. After all, these heavy-duty machines are meant to stand up to years of wear and tear without experiencing any issues. The fact of the matter is that this assumption can lead to problems over time. Even the most robust units will require regular maintenance if you hope to get the most for your money. What are some general care suggestions and why will these recommendations come in handy?

Looking After Tanks and Filters

By their very nature, industrial floor cleaners will deal with a significant amount of dirt and grime. These substances can clog filters if left unchecked. This is why it is prudent to examine the status of all filters on a monthly basis or immediately after a large project has been completed. There can be times when a filter may simply be cleaned although it could also be necessary to purchase a replacement.

Recovery and solution tanks likewise need to be dealt with. These tanks should be emptied and allowed to dry after each use. Allowing cleaning agents to persist within a tank can lead to problems such as corrosion and (once again) clogged filters.

Vacuum Shoes, Brushes and Squeegee Assemblies

These are the areas of an industrial floor cleaner that are in constant contact with the ground, so it only makes sense that they deserve a significant amount of attention. This is also where dirt and debris are the most likely to build up. Be sure to wash and rinse the surfaces after every use.

It is also wise to check for worn or damaged parts. These can include missing bristles, cracked rubber or seals that might not be functioning as they should. Such mechanical issues will inevitably occur; particularly if you are required to use harsh solvents when cleaning. If you are concerned about the impacts of a cleaning solution, look for products that are more environmentally friendly. These will often cause less damage over time.

Additional Tips

There are a few other areas within industrial floor cleaners which deserve a bit of attention from time to time. These are most often the portions associated with mechanical movement. Belts, hoses, switches and wheels should all be checked for any faults. Brakes and steering systems within ride-on units must also be looked at in order to ensure that they are functioning properly. This can help you to avoid any accidents during operation.

Please do not hesitate to refer back to this article if needed. A bit of maintenance today will help to expand the lifespan of your floor scrubber well into the future.