Used Scrubber Dryers: A Wise Investment On a Budget

Scrubber dryer machines deliver both the work of a scrubber and a dryer simultaneously. Their work is to essentially ensure that excellent and thorough cleaning has been delivered within a very short time.

Comac Innova 85B ride on scrubber dryer

However, scrubber dryers may be very costly but the good news is that you have the option of purchasing a used one from places such as Cleanhire Industrial Cleaning Machines.

How the Used Scrubber Dryers Work

The scrubber dryer performs its functions in three stages:

  • The machine will first deposit the cleaning solution directly to the floor surface.
  • It then stirs it up or agitates the cleaning solution to loosen all the dirt.
  • Next, it removes all the soiled solution using a vacuum that has been attached.
  • It also ensures that it dries the surface simultaneously as it carries on the stage above.
  • Finally, it stores all the murky water inside the machine before it can be carried and disposed of responsibly.

The scrubber dryers include the cylindrical brush and disc pad or brush types. In addition to this, they can also be classified as powerful ride-ons that are powered by engines and walk behind types which are also known as the pedestrian.

Advantages of Used Scrubber Dryers

Saves money

The machines have already been utilised that means when buying them you will acquire them at a lower price than the original price. Subsequently, you will save a lot of money and your buying costs will be lower. When you’re buying the machine from a dealer that you are familiar with, the cost might even be much lower.

Compatible machines

When you acquire a used machine, chances are that you will purchase it from a relevant dealer or an individual. Using this method of purchase ensure that you get the best value for your money because you will have all the relevant information from the person or company you are acquiring from. Therefore, if it’s not suitable for the kind of work you are doing then you will not waste money buying the machine.

Ability to Bargain

When you purchase used scrubber dryers, you always have the option of getting the best value for your money. Even if you don’t have the full amount with you, you can haggle and bargain with the seller until you come to an agreement. You can even purchase it in instalments that are suitable to your buying power.

Prior knowledge

Acquiring a used scrubber dryer provides you with the option of asking the previous owner, the specifics of the machine. The former owner will always have all the details that will assist you in knowing if the scrubber dryer is suitable for you. That essentially means that the owner will play the part of a reviewer and you will always get the idea of what the machine is capable of doing.

Acquiring used machine is a good deal for your money as it also helps you save on the initial capital costs. That will be a really good investment especially if it’s for commercial use.