The Importance of an Industrial Vacuum Filter

The Importance of an Industrial Vacuum FilterIndustrial vacuums are miracles of modern technology. Able to handle a host of different environments and engineered to offer a superior sense of durability, it is no wonder why they enjoy so many uses.

Part of this efficiency arises from the fact that they are constructed from a number of modular components. This is why maintenance is such an important issue. One critical accessory is the filter.

What are some of the reasons why these items need to be maintained on a regular basis?

Let us look at the primary roles of a filter in order to better understand how these machines function as a whole.

What Benefits Does a Filter Provide?

Every cutting-edge industrial hoover relies upon some type of filter. Of course, we are already away that filters help to prevent particulate matter from entering into these systems and damaging potentially sensitive parts.

It should likewise be pointed out that filters play a critical role in trapping airborne pathogens such as mould and bacteria.

This is a very real concern when dealing with public locations or areas associated with a high degree of foot traffic.

Without the presence of a functional filter, these very same particles could be released back into the ambient environment.

Filters play another crucial role in terms of on-site safety. As industrial vacuum cleaners are often used to address the needs of hazardous locations (such as manufacturing facilities), they may be exposed to combustible elements such as fine dust particles that remain suspended within the air.

Filters are capable of trapping these particles so that they do not pose a risk in the event that sparks or flames happen to be present. Grain silos and similar properties need to take such concerns very seriously.

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We can now see why filters are critical components within any industrial vacuum. If you require a replacement or should you wish to know more about why Cleanhire UK is the go-to source when quality counts, please take a few moments to contact us directly. A technician will be on hand to answer any additional questions.