How to Prepare your Industrial Carpets Before Vacuuming

How to Prepare your Industrial Carpets Before VacuumingCarpets have been engineered to stand up to a great deal of wear and tear. Thanks to the use of modern and durable materials, these floors can last for years or even decades if properly maintained. This is why establishing a regular cleaning schedule is critical.

However, it is also wise to note that certain types of carpets found within industrial locations may need to be prepared before thorough cleaning.

Let us take a look at a handful of professional recommendations in order to appreciate the steps that may be involved. You can then remain confident that the carpets will not be placed at risk.

Removing Larger Debris

While there is no doubt that efficient industrial vacuum cleaners will remove even the most stubborn dirt and grime, we need to point out that larger items may clog filters on occasion.

This is why it is important to look for rocks, metal shards and similar items that are visible to the naked eye. This will help to protect the machine against any unintentional damage.

Dealing With Nearby Elements and Accessories

There can be times when an industrial vacuum can have difficulty reaching tight spots.

In order to ensure that all elements of the floor are cleaned, you might need to address portions such as baseboard heaters and HVAC registers by hand or through the use of an accessory that can be attached to the vacuum. Try to determine whether or not this is relevant before beginning.

Addressing Areas of Specific Concern

Certain portions of an industrial carpet may be associated with a higher amount of foot traffic. Common examples include entrances, walkways and locations immediately in front of manually operated machinery.

If these areas require special attention, they may need to be cleaned multiple times in order to achieve optimal results.

As always, the professional team at Cleanhire is here to help if you have specific locations that need to be addressed.

Please contact us to learn more about our line of vacuum cleaners as well as other options such as industrially rated scrubber dryers.