Scrubber Dryer Common Myths

Scrubber Dryer Common Myths

There is a wide range of myths regarding the benefits and drawbacks of scrubber dryers. Therefore, before you hire a scrubber dryer, we thought it is wise to state a few things to help you make an informed decision when you go shopping.

1.     You don’t need one for a new floor

Many flooring companies recommend that you consider using scrubber dryer on your new floor to maintain its new look, improve its lifespan, and protect it from getting slippery.

If you look at your floor and see that it is losing its original classic look, then you might consider trying using scrubber dryer on it.

2.     You Could Substitute it With a Bucket and Mop

Though it might seem cost-effective initially, you will spend much more money especially when your floor begins to lose its attractiveness. In a real sense, you will have to use a lot more to fix your floor than what you would have used to buy a floor cleaning machine.

If anything, scrubber dryer saves time compared to traditional cleaning methods since it covers a larger area within a short time.

3.     My Floor is Always Clean

Modern floors are not meant to show dust. You don’t have to see the dust to know that your floor needs cleaning. Scrubber dryer removes all the dust from the floors even the one you can not see. Some commercial cleaners are not aware of the gradual accumulation of dust on the floor can damage the floor.

4.     They are Expensive

As mentioned in the prior points, it is easy to think that the scrubber dryer is more expensive compared to traditional cleaning. The fact is that if you don’t take good care of your floor, you will spend more trying to fix it compared to when you invested in the modern cleaning equipment. Therefore, scrubber dryer is more cost-effective in the long run.

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