Which Scrubber Dryer Is Right For You?

What Scrubber Dryer is Right For You

Deciding on the best scrubber dryer for your business depends on a number of factors and cleaning needs. Do you need to clean dust or grease or water based spillages? Is it a large or small area and do you need to get into hard to reach places? Here is our guide to choosing the best machine for your needs.

Power source

Is it mains or battery powered? Cheaper to run and not threatened with running out of juice, a mains powered machine is the best option when tripping over cables in a busy office isn’t a daily worry.

Battery powered machines offer greater flexibility in terms of moving between floors. There are no cables to worry about and you can choose scrubber dryer machines which offer job times to fit your needs.

Charging the battery between usage is the only point that needs to be factored in and uninterrupted charging can take place over a number of hours.

Machine size

Consider the size of the machine and the job it needs to do. Do you need a machine that can get into corners and smaller areas or a machine that will cover a larger area quickly?

Cleaning in smaller areas with a mop just adds extra time and cost to a cleaning operation, so analyse the typical cleaning areas in advance of equipment purchase.


Service and upkeep of cleaning machines is a key cost factor which should always be taken into account. Scrubber dryer machines are designed to be used on a regular basis and so daily use is recommended.

Staff should empty the dirty water after each use and ensure that the squeegee blades and hose are also clean. They are essential parts of a cleaning machine.

Cleaning chemicals

Using the right cleaning chemicals helps to maintain the longevity of your machine and brings about a better result when cleaning floors.

There are two key chemical types that can be used for your machine; alkaline and neutral.

Alkaline cleaners are recommended for non-sealed floors whilst neutral cleaners are ideal for polished and delicate floors such as high quality wood.

Dosage charts should be readily available, ideally located near the machine’s storage area for easy access for staff.

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