Concrete Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Concrete Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Concrete floors are known for their ability to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear. However, this does not mean that they are indestructible.

If you hope to extend the lifespan of these surfaces and to avoid any possible accidents, it is important to appreciate a handful of care and maintenance suggestions. What do the professionals at Cleanhire have to say?

Addressing Spills

Any spills which happen to occur should be cleaned up immediately. While concrete tends to be rather impervious to most liquids, the fact of the matter is that prolonged contact can still cause stains. Furthermore, mopping up a spill will ensure that you maintain a safe environment.

Choosing the Appropriate Cleaning Products

It is just as critical to choose the correct cleaning products when addressing a concrete floor. There are likewise some chemicals which should never be used including:

  • Ammonia
  • Citric acid
  • Bleach
  • Acetic acid

As these are not pH-neutral substances, they may actually damage the underlying surface. Be certain to read the instructions on any cleaning products carefully in order to avoid such situations.

Maintaining High-Traffic Areas

Concrete floors can sometimes become worn or damaged if they are associated with areas of high traffic (such as the entrance to a retail outlet or a loading dock found within a warehouse).

When possible, try to cover these locations with protective mats in order to limit the amount of damage that will occur. It could also be wise to employ non-slip paint so that pedestrians and employees are less likely to suffer from a fall. This type of paint will also provide an extra layer of protection to the underlying surface.

The Use of Powerful Industrial Floor Sweepers

One of the best ways to maintain a clean and safe concrete floor is to employ the use of powerful and yet precise industrial floor sweeping machines. Not only have these units been specifically designed to handle industrial environments, but they can tackle extremely large areas.

If you would like to view our selection of top brand names or to learn more about our sweeper hire services, feel free to contact a representative.