A Guide on Cleaning Safety Flooring With Your Cleaning Machine

A Guide on Cleaning Safety Flooring With Your Cleaning MachineNon-slip safety flooring is often found within public schools, hospitals, poolside locations, and play areas for children.

Thanks to modern technology, this type of flooring have been engineered to withstand a fair amount of abuse.

However, its longevity will also depend upon how effectively it is cleaned by trained personnel. What are some steps to take during the cleaning process and are there any recommendations to keep in mind along the way?

If you are planning on any type of maintenance in the near future, these two important questions should be answered.

Refer to the Flooring Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is important to read the maintenance guidelines that came with the flooring before using any type of industrial hoover. These might dictate that specific chemicals should be avoided or that only certain types of scrubbing brushes are appropriate. You may otherwise inadvertently cause damage to the surface.

From the Outside In

In terms of cleaning patterns, it is normally best to begin with the periphery of the room. You can then work your way towards the inside. This will also enable you to effectively access hard-to-reach areas that may otherwise trap dirt and debris.

If you still have difficulties, it may be a good idea to rent a unit that comes equipped with a handful of attachments. These are intended to address challenging dimensions.

Addressing Cracks and Gaps

There are many times when safety flooring will be installed in a series of sheets. The issue here is that the small gaps between these segments can trap mould, bacteria and other types of debris.

This is why these locations require special attention. Once again, opt for a unit which comes equipped with attachments that are intended to deal with such locations.

It could also be wise to lower the level of the underlying scrubbing heads so that they can reach into any gaps.

Our team offers a wide range of industrial floor sweepers and these are capable of dealing with safety flooring. In order to learn more or to speak with a representative, please contact us at your convenience.