How to Effectively Clean Your Floor Scrubber

How To Effectively Clean Your Floor ScrubberFloor scrubbers are designed to withstand a great deal of abuse by their very nature. Intended to tackle numerous types of surfaces and engineered to last for years at a time, these machines can excellent an excellent investment.

Still, we need to remember that properly maintaining your unit is the best way to ensure that no serious problems occur. What are some steps which should be taken from time to time?

Let us take a quick look at a few professionals suggestions that will help to guarantee that the machine continues functioning safely and efficiently.

The Brushes, Scrubbing Heads and Squeegees

It only stands to reason that these portions will take the brunt of any abuse, so they should be inspected before each use. Ensure that they are free from any dirt and debris.

If their surfaces appear worn or frayed, they must be replaced. This is why the brushes and associated cleaning elements are always inspected by a professional scrubber dryer hire service before the unit is rented.

The Reservoir

The reservoir is a tank which is intended to store detergent. However, it can become clogged over time. If not regularly emptied, mould and bacteria may begin to develop.

Remove any fluid from the reservoir on a regular basis and rinse all interior surfaces with a mild detergent or diluted bleach (depending upon the instructions provided by the manufacturer or the rental firm).

Water Jets and Nozzles

Many floor scrubbers employ a series of high-pressure water jets which help to loosen any dirt that might exist on an underlying surface. It should come as no surprise that these jets can become clogged on occasion; leading to issues with spraying power and the cleaning capacity of the unit.

Remove each valve and inspect it for any blockages. If one is detected, soak the jet head overnight in a solution of vinegar and water. This will help to dissolve the build-up of any minerals.

The good news is that Cleanhire UK always ensures that our machines are functioning at the highest of standards; saving you time and money.