Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Safety TipsModern floor cleaning machines boast a sense of efficiency and flexibility that would have been thought all but impossible only a handful of years ago. However, they still need to be operated properly in order to avoid accidental injuries or other on-site hazards. Let us take a look at some top safety tips that all employees should be aware of before operating any of these units.

Situational Awareness

Some industrial floor cleaning machines can be quite loud. This may present a problem if the operator is not aware of his or her immediate environment. Areas which are being cleaned should be cordoned off.

Other workers must be aware of the cleaning schedule. Assuming that all of these checks have taken place, it is still critical to vigilantly observe the environment when operating the machine in question.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Another safety suggestion involves properly maintaining all floor cleaning machines. Each unit should be checked before each use for signs of mechanical damage such as frayed wires or worn scrubbing heads.

All controls must be functioning properly. Pay particular attention to important features such as the emergency shut-off switch. A properly maintained machine will provide years of reliable use an the chances of suffering from an injury are likewise vastly reduced.

Proper Training and Orientation

Training is critical to enhance the safety of all employees. Only those who have been taught by a certified professional should be allowed to operate an industrial floor cleaning machine. In the same respect, the machine must not be able to be activated by those without the proper authorisation. This proactive stance will help to eliminate workplace injuries.

The Use of Solvents and Cleaning Solutions

Only use cleaning solutions and solvents that have been approved by the manufacturer. You could damage or otherwise corrode the internal working mechanisms of the machine. of course, always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (such as gloves and eye protection) in order to avoid unintentional accidents.

The good news is that the majority of the concerns mentioned above can be eliminated by choosing to work with a reliable floor cleaner hire firm. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and this topic needs to be taken very seriously.

How To Reduce Dust Levels in Your Industrial EnvironmentAirborne particulate matter such as dust within industrial environments can cause a host of issues including respiratory problems, faulty equipment and even fire hazards. This is why it is critical to reduce these levels to a near minimum in order to avoid such circumstances. Let us take a look at some excellent methods to consider as well as why procuring a professional scrubber dryer hire service is an ideal option to consider.

Identify the Source of the Dust

It is first important to determine where the dust is originating from. Some of the most common sources within industrial environments include:

  • Certain grinding or cutting machines (such as CNC units).
  • Packing materials.
  • Particles on the floor that become stirred up by vehicles such as forklifts.

Once the origin has been discovered, it will be much easier to treat the problem at hand.

Mitigating Measures to Implement

Periodically check any and all filtration systems associated with the location (such as HVAC units and extractor fans). Make sure that they are all functioning properly. As most filters have an expiration date, it is wise to replace them when in doubt if they are working as they should.

Fog Systems

One interesting consideration involves the use of portable machines that generate a fine mist in the air. This mist will attach itself to small particles that might otherwise remain suspended. In turn, the levels of airborne particulate matter will be dramatically reduced. Unfortunately, some environments might not be compatible with misting systems. This is when the power of scrubber dryers will come into play.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Modern scrubber dryers are designed with a versatile nature in order to address a variety of industrial requirements. Not only will they be able to handle even the largest of locations, but they can remove the majority of dust from the air in a safe manner. The size and power of these units can vary and this will primarily depend upon the needs of the customer.

If you have been concerned about the levels of dust within your industrial property, the first step is to contact a service professional at Cleanhire. We will be more than happy to provide you with additional advice as well as to explain the line of scrubber dryers that are currently available.

Cleaning Performance Compared_ Floor Scrubbers vs Manual ProcessesMany warehouses and facility managers are already aware of the numerous benefits associated with modern floor scrubber hire services. However, there is still a handful who remain trapped in the “dark ages” due to their unwillingness to abandon traditional processes. Let us compare and contrast the differences between efficient floor scrubbers and manual labour requirements.

Manpower Issues

Manually maintaining a large floor area can quickly reduce in-house resources due to the sheer size of the floor that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This is problematic even for the largest of companies, as other core competencies could be sacrificed as a result.

Floor scrubbers are able to dramatically reduce the amount of manual labour required; allowing organisations to return their focus back to other concerns such as product management and marketing.

All About Efficiency

Simply stated, manual processes are not efficient or effective. Not only will they take longer to complete, but the chances are high that dirt and grime may still remain. While there are indeed some compounds which can be used in conjunction with manual sweeping and scrubbing, the fact of the matter is that these can become quite expensive when dealing with larger spaces.

Let’s also not forget that physically handling some of these chemicals and solvents may place employees in danger. Floor scrubbing machines represent all-in-one solutions that are meant to take the legwork out of the equation. This results in a massively improved sense of efficiency and ultimately, a cleaner work environment.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Manually cleaning a large property will cost a great deal of money over time. This is obviously a concern for companies that might be trying to adhere to a limited budget. It should likewise be pointed out that manual techniques might disrupt normal operations (such as closing a portion of a warehouse down in order to clean it properly).

The same cannot be said when referring to scrubbing units. As they can complete challenging tasks within a short period of time, there is no risk of sacrificing operations for cleanliness.

The situations mentioned above are some of the very same reason why countless property owners choose to procure the services of Cleanhire. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

How Does an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner WorkVacuum cleaners are some of the most essential tools which can help to maintain a clean and safe environment. Industrial vacuums are often utilised to tackle larger tasks such as addressing the cleaning requirements within warehouses or large showrooms.

While there is no doubt that these modern marvels are built to last, it is also a good idea to take a look at some of their basic operating principles. Not only will this allow you to appreciate their innovative features, but such knowledge is also great if you happen to be troubleshooting any problems.

Pressure Differences

The main principle behind any vacuum cleaner is the ability to create differences in air pressure. The lower pressure created by the engine of an industrial cleaner enables air and particulate matter to be sucked up from below. This can be accomplished in several ways. Electrical motors may be employed during normal situations while compressed air units could be utilised within dangerous environments (such as chemical plants or refineries).

Either way, the centrifugal force created by these internal mechanisms causes a series of brushes to rotate. This enables the unit to remove dirt and similar debris from the floor below.

Filtration Systems

As industrial vacuum cleaners are often used within challenging environments, it only makes sense that they are equipped with powerful filters. These filters will catch particulate matter; a very important principle for those who are worried about creating a great deal of dust. Filters will normally be placed immediately before an internal storage tank.

This is also pivotal in terms of preventing clogs and similar blockages that could hinder the operation of the entire system. As you may have already imagined, filters will need to be replaced from time to time.

The Portable Edge

Many industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with user-friendly controls alongside castor wheels in order to ensure a greater degree of control and mobility. They can therefore be utilised within tight spaces with the help of attachments. In other words, there are few jobs which these machines cannot handle.

If you have been hoping to address a challenging maintenance or cleaning job, please consider the industrial vacuum cleaner hire services provided by our team. We stock some of the best names in the business and all of our units are built to last.

There are several reasons why it is important to maintain a neat and tidy warehouse. Some are more apparent than others. It is nonetheless key that management take such a role seriously and that stakeholders address pertinent issues on a regular basis. So, what are some of the advantages directly associated with a clean warehouse?

How can these benefits be passed on to employees and the company as a whole? As this infographic illustrates, there is a bit more than may initially meet the eye. Let’s take a look at why clean warehouses are absolutely essential for day-to-day operations.

Health and Safety Concerns

A clean warehouse is a safe warehouse. Countless injuries are direct results of clutter and misplaced items. The proper allocation of machinery is just as important. As our infographic points out, up to 85 deaths are caused due to the improper handling and/or placement of forklifts on a yearly basis.

This is why management needs to perform the proper on-site safety assessments in order to determine if any changes need to be made. The health and safety of all employees should never be taken lightly.

A Positive Reflection Upon the Company

Clean environments also present the company in a positive light. Not only is this very important if third parties or customers happen to be visiting the warehouse in question, but a sense of tidiness helps to boost morale over time. Workers who feel as if their needs are being taken care of are more likely to positively contribute to the organisation as a whole.

Smart and Productive

Our infographic also points out the undeniable fact that clean warehouse environments are associated with a higher degree of productivity. Locations free from clutter and other types of hazardous debris are able to handle larger workloads and common problems such as storage issues are much less likely to be present.

Furthermore, well-maintained warehouses can be adapted to a host of logistical needs in no time at all. Companies can, therefore, tackle even the most demanding of tasks with a greater degree of success.

It should now be obvious to appreciate some of the main benefits associated with a neat and tidy warehouse. Do you have additional questions in relation to our infographic? Would you like to learn how Clean Hire can help? If so, feel free to contact us directly.A Visual Guide To Warehouse Cleaning

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