How To Reduce Dust Levels in Your Industrial Environment

How To Reduce Dust Levels in Your Industrial EnvironmentAirborne particulate matter such as dust within industrial environments can cause a host of issues including respiratory problems, faulty equipment and even fire hazards. This is why it is critical to reduce these levels to a near minimum in order to avoid such circumstances. Let us take a look at some excellent methods to consider as well as why procuring a professional scrubber dryer hire service is an ideal option to consider.

Identify the Source of the Dust

It is first important to determine where the dust is originating from. Some of the most common sources within industrial environments include:

  • Certain grinding or cutting machines (such as CNC units).
  • Packing materials.
  • Particles on the floor that become stirred up by vehicles such as forklifts.

Once the origin has been discovered, it will be much easier to treat the problem at hand.

Mitigating Measures to Implement

Periodically check any and all filtration systems associated with the location (such as HVAC units and extractor fans). Make sure that they are all functioning properly. As most filters have an expiration date, it is wise to replace them when in doubt if they are working as they should.

Fog Systems

One interesting consideration involves the use of portable machines that generate a fine mist in the air. This mist will attach itself to small particles that might otherwise remain suspended. In turn, the levels of airborne particulate matter will be dramatically reduced. Unfortunately, some environments might not be compatible with misting systems. This is when the power of scrubber dryers will come into play.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Modern scrubber dryers are designed with a versatile nature in order to address a variety of industrial requirements. Not only will they be able to handle even the largest of locations, but they can remove the majority of dust from the air in a safe manner. The size and power of these units can vary and this will primarily depend upon the needs of the customer.

If you have been concerned about the levels of dust within your industrial property, the first step is to contact a service professional at Cleanhire. We will be more than happy to provide you with additional advice as well as to explain the line of scrubber dryers that are currently available.