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Combined scrubber sweepers are the most efficient machines for cleaning. Combined scrubber sweepers are a combination of the finest features of industrial scrubbers and sweepers. They are quite powerful thus they are very effective when it comes to scrubbing and sweeping. When cleaning large surface areas, they need both a sweeper and a scrubber that is why instead of purchasing the two separately, it’s more effective to hire or buy a scrubber sweeper.

This is because it will serve you both purposes at a less costly price. The scrubber is commonly located at the back while the sweeper is at the front. Combined, they generate increased cleaning power which is shown by the results the machine can deliver.

Features of the Scrubber Sweeper

One amazing feature of these machines is that they have a dust component and can even pick up the tiniest debris, oil spillages or grease. They have some touch points and controls which make operating them easy. Some models also have cushioned corners which prevent any damage to the machine. For the harsh areas, the scrubber sweepers are made of stainless steel which protects both the environment and the machine itself.

Advantages of Scrubber Sweeper

Owning this type of machine is a long-term investment because it has several advantages. Some models can use water by changing it into a cleaning solution through their improved technology. As for the operator, there is enough space when working on the machine which enables the machine to work effectively and more importantly, safely.

Large Combined Scrubber Sweepers

There are a wide variety of large Scrubber Sweepers at Cleanhire. We have the M20 and 7400 combined Scrubber Sweepers available for purchase and rental. These two machines are factory-made by Tennant, which is a reputable manufacturer in the industry, so this is a good indicator that these machines are of good quality. The specifications differ according to the type of cleaner, it is advised to view these specifications and make a judgement of which machine will best fit your cleaning requirements.

Hiring a Combined Scrubber Sweeper

Cleaning a small area needs only little work and takes less time especially if it’s cleaned manually. For bigger rooms or surfaces, it might take a specialised cleaning service for it to be clean and safe for employees or any users. The combined scrubber sweepers are not only limited to cleaning inside a building but they can also clean outdoor areas.

Can a Combination Scrubber Sweeper Help?

The service providers will see to it that you get the best machine that meets your requirements. This type of machine will perform a variety of cleaning tasks at the same time, making the cleaning job more efficient. You can hire a combined scrubber sweeper of your choice at Cleanhire. We offer a platform for both a long term and short term hire.

The floor care industry has grown over the years, signaling expansive commercialisation and publication, thanks to the recent survey by Wise Guy Consultants. The elements in the study featured the product category profiling, quantity produced, industrial viability, raw materials and marketing. An in-depth analysis of the industry also gave an indication that more and more countries abroad are investing in this service, both as manufacturers and service providers.

Research Location
The research touched on every continent on the planet. In the Americas, there was some data taken from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Canada, while Europe had Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Russia. The Asia Pacific had China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and India. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and a sample from Africa were also tested.

Target Group
The research touched on machine manufactures from these regions, product middlemen (wholesalers, distributors and traders), floor care complimentary product manufacturers, industry stakeholders associations and re-sellers.

Manufacturers of Floor Care Machines
They are spread across the world; from the Americas (Central, North and South) through Europe and Africa to the Far East (Japan and China). The variables in this forecast are the type of machines, how and where they are used, and the suitable regions where they can be used.

There is also a growing affinity towards the manufacture of industrial floor cleaners which creates a large pool of the targeted production zones. A sample of these companies include, among others:-

• The United Kingdom has the Nilfisk Group, Tennant Company, International Cleaning Equipment (ICE) and Clemas & Co Limited.
• Italy has Comac SpA, EUREKA S.p.A. Unipersonale and Fimap S.p.A
• Germany has Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG, Hako Group (Minuteman Intl, and PowerBoss)
• The USA has Tornado Industries.

The Companies’ Capacity to Service the Demand
Besides the listing of the product manufacturers and their location, the research also touched into their abilities to meet the world’s demand. The overriding themes across the inquiry were the companies’ history, understanding of the market, key decision makers, region covered in supplies and estimated revenue from sales projected.

The overview also touched on the product categories; from domestic floor cleaners to industrial floor cleaners. The product specification was also an area of concern, expounding more on application, capacity and ability to deliver good results. On the commercial scale, the report weighs in on the pricing, value for money and growth opportunities outside their domains.

Business Overview
There is also research and analysis on the production curve and market segmentation. It touches on the total production with respect to the individual category production. These reviews give an in-depth sectoral demand. The product distribution by region is also under focus, detailing on the prospects across the target population, consumption capacity and feedback from the market.

The findings on the reports would be instrumental in getting the global capacity of floor cleaning machines, both industrial and domestic with both Demand and Supply under consideration.

Technology Behind an Industrial VaccumWhen you think of an industrial vacuum cleaner, forget your mental image of the little hoover you have at home. Technology has improved the design and power of industrial machines so that they can tackle the most challenging cleaning jobs in the most demanding environments.

Why Should you Hire an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner? 

Hiring your industrial cleaning equipment makes perfect financial sense. Not only can you save on its purchase price but you’ll also save money on its maintenance. You won’t need to worry about the inconvenience of broken vacuum cleaners and costly repair bills. Another reason why hiring is the sensible choice is that you can save a great deal of money on labour costs.

A machine can do the work of a cleaning team in less than half the time and also do a more thorough job. The latest industrial vacuum cleaners can even deep clean into the crevices of flooring which is not completely level.

The Different Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 

Our industrial vacuum cleaners for hire come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of different commercial and industrial properties. Mobile systems on castors take the strain off the operator and make them easy to manoeuvre across surfaces and around obstacles.

Electrical single machines can cope with most cleaning while 3 phase motors are useful for continuous heavy duty cleaning work. Some vacuum cleaners are also bagless to avoid the hassle of changing and/or emptying the bag.

The Versatility of Industrial Hoovers 

There is no doubt that a clean workplace encourages employees to take pride in their work. It can also impress both visitors and potential customers by transmitting a message about your company’s work ethics.

Regular cleaning is, of course, important to abide by Health and Safety Regulations and to prevent accidents. Some industrial vacuum cleaners are versatile enough to cope with solids, liquids and even oils leaving the area clean and dry with just one pass.

Equally importantly, there’s less risk to employees or clients slipping and falling on wet or greasy flooring for which the business/property owner is legally held responsible. In some cases, the use of such machines and their high standards can lead to a drop in business liability insurance premiums.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Challenging Environments 

Some work environments are even more challenging to clean than a dirty or wet floor. The presence of loose particles and dust in some industries can be a health risk and cause respiratory problems. Also, in some temperature-controlled environments, they can have a direct effect on the work being done. However, industrial vacuum cleaners are able to collect the smallest particles effectively and efficiently leaving the atmosphere dust-free.

The latest cordless compressed-air powered cleaners are the ideal solution when there is no electrical wiring. Another reason they are used is when the atmosphere is at risk of explosions from hazardous materials.

Whatever the needs of your business or industry, industrial vacuum cleaner hire is the ideal solution. It can save you money in the long term, cut cleaning times and cope with the most challenging environments.

Tennant T5 Pedestrian scrubber dryer
Used Tennant T5 Pedestrian scrubber dryer available to purchase at Cleanhire. 

Before people buy used scrubber dryers, they want to sure that the devices will work just like their new counterparts without breaking down. Since most people who buy floor scrubbers are businessmen, they avoid possible downtime incidents that such machines could cause as that means losing profits. Here are some of the many questions that buyers have concerning used scrubber dryers.

What is the difference between a New and Used Scrubber Dryer, and Do used Scrubber Dryers Come with Warranties?

Both the new and used scrubber dryers work the same way. They clean floors using rotating brushes or floor pads. The only difference is that used scrubber dryers have been refurbished. They feature quality parts that have passed all the set standards to ensure that users get perfectly working machines at pocket-friendlier prices than buying new scrubbers.

If you buy the machine from a reputable company, it should come with a warranty. In most instances, you will get at least a 3-month warranty with a used scrubber dryer, which means that in case it breaks down, you simply have to return it for repairs and maintenance as long as the guarantee is valid.

Can a Used Scrubber Dryer Be Used on Any Flooring Type and Will it a Lot of Maintenance?

Just like a new one, you can use a used floor scrubber on most types of floors, excluding carpets, suspended flooring or natural wood. Before buying the scrubber, consider your floor type and the total amount of soiling possible as this will help you to choose the appropriate model. Scrubber dryers require maintenance just like any other cleaning devices.

The fact that one gets a used one does not mean that you have to do maintenance needed on it every month. However, it is wise to service it every six months to ensure it maintains its performance and efficiency. Always empty the dirty water tank after each use and clean the filters on a regular basis. Also, remember to check the scrubber pads frequently so that you can detect any wear and tear.

Which Chemicals Should Be Used On a Used Scrubber Dryer?

This depends on the type of scrubber dryer you have. For example, if you have a machine with a vacuum pickup, you should use a low foaming chemical. Also, do not make the solution too strong since the foam might collect in the recovery tank, burning out its vacuum motor.

There are two types of scrubber chemicals, including alkaline, which is ideal for non-sealed floors and neutral for delicate, polished floors.

Where Should I Buy a Used Scrubber Dryer?

Always buy a used floor scrubber from a reputable and established company. The reason is that you do not want to end up with a company or seller who doesn’t want to take responsibility for issues that might develop later or is unable to do repairs on the machine.

Such a scenario could lead to lost cleaning time and a bad reputation to your company. You might also be forced to use money from your pocket to pay for the repairs.