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No matter what type of floor you have, regular upkeep is essential to maintain cleanliness and good condition. Different flooring materials require different processes to ensure effective cleaning and to prevent damage, and it can be tough to know which products are right for the job. For large areas, industrial floor sweepers are a practical solution, saving time and offering professional cleaning results.

Here are a few common floor types and a guide on how to clean them:

How to clean a concrete floor

Due to their porous nature, concrete floors are prone to absorbing stains. If there are any wet or oily stains, cover them with an absorbent material such as sawdust and leave it to soak up the stain. The quicker you can do this following a spill, the more effective it will be. You should then use a stiff broom to remove the sawdust, as well as any debris and loose dirt, or use water to flush it out if this is appropriate in the space. An industrial floor cleaner with a sponge mop should then be used to remove any deep staining that has penetrated the porous floor. Leave the floor to air dry.

How to clean a linoleum floor

You should never use solvents, scouring products or large amounts of water on linoleum flooring, as they can damage the surface. The best way to clean a linoleum floor is with all-purpose floor cleaner and a mop, although this may be very time consuming if you need to clean a large area. Scrubber dryers are an ideal solution, as they clean and dry in one pass, so you’re not left with a slippery and potentially hazardous surface. Disc scrubber dryers are the ideal choice for linoleum floors. Waxing the floor is a great tip to make it shine and speed up future cleaning.

How to clean a wooden floor

Wood floors add a feeling of luxury to a room but often require a lot of upkeep. How you should clean your floor will depend on what type of treatment the wood has been given. Wood sealed with polyurethane can be cleaned with a mop and water or with a mild floor cleaning solution. You should never use water to clean an untreated wooden floor. Wood that has been treated with lacquer, shellac or varnish will require a solvent-based cleaner and should be polished once dry. You should sweep or vacuum the floor before cleaning to get rid of any dust and debris. If the area is large or you have a lot of debris to clear, you might consider hiring an industrial floor sweeper to save time.

Ride on floor scrubbers are a revolutionary piece of kit that allow cleaning floors to be done in half the time and twice as effectively. Industrial floor care machines have given the cleaning industry a much needed tool to get the job done and there are many on the market that can make floor cleaning a painless task. There are two big players that dominate the market: Tennant and Comac. But the question is, which one is better?

Tennant Ride on Floor Scrubber

Tennant have incredibly high productivity rates and boast being able to clean 2,500 square metres per hour. One of the main benefits of the Tennant range is that a lot of them offer a scrubber-dryer combination that means you can minimise the risk of slips and falls.

Tennant T3 Scrubber Dryer
Tennant T3 Traction drive scrubber dryer.

The patented NanoClean technology converts water into cleaning solution and is a lot more efficient at waste disposal than cleaners offered by competitors. Tennant also have the added bonus of offering a range of ride on floor scrubbers that can suit any company of any size. They range from their Micro Ride On Floor Scrubber to the Industrial Floor Cleaner so even if you have a small space that needs cleaning it is likely you will find something that you can use in your setting.

Comac Ride on Floor Scrubber

Comac Innova 85B ride on scrubber dryer.

Comac also offer a wide range of industrial cleaning machines and like Tennant they strive to ensure there is something available for every position in the market. What Comac really specialise in heavy duty cleaners that can tackle dirt conditions associated with heavy industry. They also have an in house efficiency system called CDS that can enable to operator to dose water and detergent separately to reduce waste. Comac machines are also well known for being easy to use, so although they are designed to tackle heavy industry, anyone can use them.

Which One is Best For Me?

Deciding between a Tennant and a Comac ride on floor scrubber is something that can take a lot of thought. If you are a professional cleaning company this is a large investment which could change the way your company works, and if you are a company tackling its own industrial cleaning issues then you will also want to ensure that you get the most out of your spend.

Heavy duty industry like the medical industry or anything that is centred around food may well leave you with no choice but to go for a Comac. If you have strict regulations to adhere to their consistency will provide you with peace of mind.

If you are just a small company or you are just starting out your own cleaning company – then a Tennant may be your best option. Not only are they efficient but they are affordable enough to buy if you feel you may not use it that often. Their models make a great starter option for those who want to test the water.

Industrial vacuum cleanersIf looking into choosing from the range of industrial vacuum cleaners for your office or home, first we appreciate that you are on the right track for selecting the cleaner over the domestic one. Wise.

You would not just blindly drop in a cleaning services providers – just like Cleanhire, and order a random cleaner. You need to do your background research to figure out the precise kind of machine you need, or you could as well leave it to the experts like Cleanhire to guide you wisely.

Things to check

When choosing the most efficient and convenient cleaners, here are some of the things you need to factor in:

  • Type of cleaner

The type of cleaner you need depends on the specific duties you want to carry out. Do you need to clean wet surfaces or dry surfaces? Or do you also need it for recovering your valuables?

For liquids, the wet and dry model will do while if exclusively for dry cleaning, the cylinder vacuum is meant for you. Uprights are worth considering for their fast cleaning.

  • Strength of suction

Greater suction strength translates to a much better cleaning experience.The cleaners offer a great suction for all kinds of rubbish. However, this does not limit you from choosing the strongest machine for larger and heavier dirt.

  • Life of the machine

If you decide to purchase the machine, you need it to serve you for the longest time possible, it’s your hard-earned cash after all! Select the machine that suits your needs and last longest, while taking into consideration the warranty periods.

  • Noise

A noiseless machine is the most convenient to work with, like the Attix (62dB noise output). Quiet machines allow you to work at any time and any place.

  • Volume

The volume of the canister is key. A large volume means a reduced frequency of emptying the vacuum cleaner. To clean your large and much-littered floor, go for the biggest capacity possible.

  • Cost

Working on a tight budget, an expensive machine sounds like a luxury, but then, great service comes at a cost. Save up for an economical and highly efficient machine.

Cleanhire is the solution to your expert cleaning requirements. They provide a range of industrial cleaning machines including scrubber dryers, industrial floor sweepers and industrial vacuum cleaners from leading manufacturers such as Comac, Omnia and many others, for hire or purchase.

For your industrial floor cleaning machine to work effectively, and for it to give you long-term service, you have to condition it to regular servicing. Normally, the number of times to do the servicing depends on how frequent you use the cleaning equipment. Cleaning machines that are used often should be serviced more regularly than those that are less used. Hiring a floor machine servicing firm like Clean hire is important if you want the best cleaning service. Overall, you stand to gain the following benefits when having your floor machine serviced by an expert:

1. Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Regular servicing of your industrial floor cleaning machine protects you from paying extra or unnecessary costs. The costs can be seen as immediate or long-term. On an immediate basis, you get to avoid unnecessary expenditure related to repairs or replacement of parts. Most of the parts if checked early get to give you long-term service. On the long-term basis, servicing your cleaning equipment protects you from having to replace the whole equipment. Buying new equipment after a short-term use is not desirable. When you consult a industrial floor cleaning machine engineer, the specialist will inform you of what part needs repair and what part needs replacing. If repairs are to be done, you get to spend less than you would if the situation got worse.

2. Overall Assessment of the Machine Performance

Your floor cleaner machine does not need to break down or look worn out for you to consider having it inspected by an expert. Regular servicing ensures that the machine is checked effectively—part by part. Considering that cleanliness is a priority for most people, having the whole machine checked ensures that the levels of hygiene on your floor are maintained. If its lubrication that is needed or changing the coolant, the expert will advise you accordingly.

3. Maintaining the Consumable

Your floor cleaning machine has supportive features that need to be maintained so as to have an improved general cleaning performance from your equipment. The consumable include brushes, water pipes, filters, and power cord. Most of time, you may not know what part needs replacing and thus the need for expert input. The engineers will be able to give you direction pertaining to the consumables so as to avoid long-term costs.

4. For Operation Safety

A properly serviced floor cleaning machine gives you the benefit of doubt with respect to the usage safety. A machine that is poor in condition is a danger to you and can result in accidents. When having the machine serviced regularly, the experts are able to fix possible threats, allowing you to work securely. Parts such as the brakes, ignition switch, the motor, and filers need to be checked on a regular basis.


After buying the floor cleaning machine, you are mandated to keep it in a good working condition. The best way to do it is to have it serviced and inspected often. This will save you from spending unnecessarily on repairs and replacements. In the long run, servicing the floor machine makes sense for your investment. If you are looking for a industrial cleaning machine specialist, Clean Hire can solve all of your problems.