A feast of vacuum cleaner video clips

Vacuum Cleaner Video Clips image.
Spring cleaning? Our selection of vacuum cleaner video clips should provide some inspiration. Image by Voyagerix/Shutterstock.

You’ve got to love YouTube. It is a dependable source for cat videos, 1980s music clips, and tracking down obscure sitcoms of questionable quality. On the odd occasions when Clean Hire has too much time on their hands, it’s a chance to look at full-frontal images of vacuum cleaners (You’re fired! – Ed). Before you is a selection of vacuum cleaner video clips. Some of which include images of Hoover Juniors and Henrys in full flow. In some cases, images of vacuum cleaners have been disguised to protect innocent parties, leaving you to enjoy their roar, whine, and growl. Continue reading “Vacuum Cleaner Video Clips”

Clean Hire looks at Two Bettys, the Minneapolis creatives’ cleaning company

Minneapolis, the home of Two Bettys, the creatives' cleaning company.
Minneapolis: birthplace of the late great Prince Rogers Nelson, and the home of Two Bettys, the ethically aware creatives’ cleaning company. Image by Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock.

Cleaning is seen as a low-level job on these shores. It is characterised by its low hours, low wages and (allegedly) low skill levels. It is seen as a dead-end National Minimum Wage job with few prospects. Without cleaners, mice will be seen in our kitchens, and alleyways could be rat-infested without refuse operatives. On the other hand, it could be used as part of a stable income for pursuing other projects. A group of artists did just that in Minneapolis, where Two Bettys have wowed customers and helped the state’s creatives. The creatives’ cleaning company has gone from strength to strength in the last year. Continue reading “Meet the Creatives’ Cleaning Company”

A look at Numatic’s iconic Henry vacuum cleaner

Numatic International's iconic Henry vacuum cleaner.
Iconic: Numatic International’s Henry vacuum cleaner.

It is often said that Britain has no manufacturing industry to speak of. Most of our cars are in foreign hands though some of them are produced on our own shores. The railways, Association Football, and cricket, have been exported far and wide and improved upon outside our island. If you say our manufacturing output sucks, this could be true of Numatic’s products in another sense. In this case, we refer to Henry, the first of a series of iconic vacuum cleaners manufactured and created by Numatic. Continue reading “Iconic Vacuum Cleaners: the Henry HVR200”

Cleaning show’s Mancunian move pays off

EventCity, Trafford Park: the Manchester Cleaning Show venue.
EventCity, Trafford Park: the Manchester Cleaning Show venue. Image by Rept0n1x, 2013 (Creative Commons License – Attribution-Share Alike).

BCCE Ltd, a company jointly owned by Quartz Business Media and the British Cleaning Council, have had a brush with success at the Manchester Cleaning Show. The company, which organises similar events in London every two years, were most impressed with their Manchester début yesterday. Their favoured venue, close to MediaCityUK, made for excellent press coverage in the national media. Continue reading “Cleaning Show’s Brush With Success”